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AHL Lounge | Interior Designer Obaid Hussain Khan

By 21centuryweb | Updated December 10, 2021
AHL Lounge | Interior Designer Obaid Hussain Khan

Obaid Hussain’s interior designing skills are deep-rooted. He belongs to the third generation of Interior Designing business running in the family. Post his graduation, he made a different career choice, but after a while of long Soul-searching, he was certain to pursue a career that he had always loved. “I grew up running around and playing at my dad’s project Sites, which included Movie theatres, Clubs, Residential and Commercial Projects and we also had one of the oldest and most famous Furniture stores in the heart of Hyderabad – KINGSWOOD which catered to the elite,” says Obaid Hussain Khan.

Interiors by Obaid Hussain Khan

He owes his great designing skills to the inspiration and teachings acquired from his father & Grandfather who is akin to the family of Nawab’s & Jagirdar’s (Landlords). They had a prodigious understanding of design and execution, their work was commendable. Here is a list of some of the prestigious projects they have worked on – The High Court of A.P, Raj Bhavan, TS Assembly House, Chiran Palace, ICRISAT, HMT, ACC Cement, State Bank of Hyderabad, Race Course, Iranian consulate, Fateh maidan Club, Nizam Club, Prabhat Theatre and Andhra University (all of which are located in Andhra/Telangana)

Besides travelling, he loves reading and cooking. And quite appreciates the company of good honest people around him. “I like to stay true to my work & my word. I dislike dishonest and unethical behaviour, can’t stand negative people specially at work”, says the young Hyderabadi designer.

Here are some thoughts the he has shared with us.

Entrance of a Restaurant

My inspiration comes from many places and many styles of work, Classical, Neo-Classical, Contemporary, Modern, and Minimal designs I work with them all. I believe design should be timeless and should survive the sloth of fast-changing times. I adopt a fusion style of work, keeping in mind that you have to be very careful and precise while at it.

My style of designing is very versatile, it depends on the type of project I am working on, and the requirements of my client. My work spectrum includes both commercial and Residential. I have done retail outlets, Hotels, Restaurants, Office spaces, Hospitals, Residential Projects, and Farmhouses.

An Interior of a Restaurant

Here is what the Designer has to say about his favorite Project:

I do all my projects with a lot of passion, they are all special to me in their own ways. For instance the designing and execution of MeBaz, Manyavar, and Jahapanah group. Another happens to be a doctors house where I was asked to incorporate lots of trophies including a giraffe and a lion.

A Residential Project

My recent favorite has been a project that I worked on for a group of friends who wanted to start a Restaurant/Pub. This was a challenging deliverable as there were ideas pouring in from four of them. “The Scam” as the Restaurant was named was an absolute delight at the end.

The Scam restaurant

Keeping the client’s comfort and taste in mind is of utmost importance. As every individual loves to see the house of his dreams. So I improvise and give my clients a worthier version of their own concept. Sometimes the demands change during the course of work and modifying at such times is a bit of a challenge. But handing over a complete project and seeing happy clients is tremendously rewarding.

A Swimming Pool Designed for a Client

Here is something Obaid Hussain Khan wishes to share with people designing their homes: “Rome was not built in a day, So take time in building your dream house. Invest patience and take professional help for great results”.

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