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Designs go Beyond Conventional to Create this Grandiose Space

By 21centuryweb | Updated January 20, 2022
Designs go Beyond Conventional to Create this Grandiose Space

The métier of Neha and Sachin Gupta is to create Luxuriant spaces. Spaces that reflect the personality of its inmates and are truly timeless. This three-bedroom apartment spreading across 7500 sq. ft. is festooned with meticulous home decor elements. The interior decoration items are in-house creations of Beyond Designs Home. True to its location Udaipur – the city of palaces, the abodes opulent decoration with rich wallpapers, lighting, artworks, bespoke furniture, and celestial hues is certainly royal.

AHL walks you down this palatial two-level home right from the topmost entertainment floor.

Terrace Bar and Lounge

The apical floor houses the lift lobby, the terrace bar, and the lounge. The exquisite curation of the terrace bar with a black and white marble bar counter and mirror base makes for a dynamic space. Reflecting sophistication are the leather stools that augment the bar appeal. A decorative wooden ceiling with hanging lights adds to the glamor of this space. There are many reasons to enjoy a rooftop bar – the sunsets, the impeccable service, the breathtaking views.

The black flooring and dark hues make headway into the extensive bar lounge that accommodates comfortable sofas and accent mirror chairs. A statement coffee table with geometric patterns and brass detailing adds charm. And adorning the walls are Eccentric wall frames and a pair of lavish hanging lights.

A pergola invites you to the massage room and flamboyant powder room. Embellishing the Terrace Powder room with Venetian mirrors, ornate tiles, and a resplendent chandelier Bespoke designs have given it a profusive touch.

Dining & Living Room

The rectangular living room dining room combo is a classic and well-known layout. The living room and dining room are interchangeable spaces, making this particular layout great. Descending to the second floor is an entrance lobby with formal living and dining. A classy archway connects the Living Room and Dining. The Living Room with its pristine seating, mirror Coffee Table and wall frames is sure to enthrall your aesthete senses.

The Dining with its dual-tone upholstery is another space that will enrapture you. Splendid bespoke chandelier by Beyond Designs Home elevates the look of the already sumptuous Dining Table.

The master bedroom is extravagant with a four-poster bed made of brass, esthetic cane panel walls, and chic crystal wall sconces. The living area that is interconnected to the master bedroom has wooden paneling on the walls with an array of floral wall art.

The kids’ bedrooms are also splendiferous and embrace a mixed bag of colors, textures, and interesting decor elements. The bedrooms enclose aesthetically pleasing Dressers and bathrooms.

Characteristic of Beyond Designs

And welcoming you at the entrance the lobby is a captivating and magnificent mirror ceiling with a spectacular chandelier. An austere console table put together with a vibrant painting and classic chairs are true to the style of Beyond Designs.

An exceptional blend of neutral shades with darker hues and a dash of color through cushions, wall art, lights, and upholstery add the grandiosity and exquisiteness to this plush apartment.

Visit www.beyonddesigns.in to explore their luxurious projects. Follow them @beyonddesignsofficial for their latest work.

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