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Jade Design House is Illuminating Abodes with Bespoke Lighting

By 21centuryweb | Updated January 20, 2022
Jade Design House is Illuminating Abodes with Bespoke Lighting

Specialising in recherché and bespoke lighting, Jade Design House in Mumbai is a lighting studio established by Manasi Jade. Having a fervid interest in starting her own lighting design firm, this B.Arch student from Mumbai University went ahead to pursue her MA in Design: Product and Space from Kingston University London. Manasi strengthened her interest and capabilities by gaining industrial experience in decorative lighting for around 3 years.

Setting off on her journey of owning her own design firm in 2020 after freelancing for 7 months in 2019 Manasi has made the most of her impeccable design capabilities by creating ethereal lighting and providing the best to her clients.

Jade Design House will win you over with its feature of 10 to 12 collections of lighting that contain more than 100 celestial designs. Having an edge over other lighting brands Jade design House caters to customization of all its lighting designs in terms of dimensions and finish. Bespoke design projects are also embarked upon pertaining to special requirements.

In a confab with Manasi Jade, AHL unfolds lock, stock and barrel about lighting.

What types of Jade Design House lights do you incorporate in a home?

“There is a myriad of light types when it comes to planning a home. If I were to classify the mainstream ones –

    1. Wall Lights
    1. Corner Lights
    1. Side Table Lamps for Bedroom
    1. Niche Lights
    Standing Lights

What are the key aspects of designing lights for homes?

While this topic is deep, I would elucidate on technical and decorative lighting on being the key elements. The decorative lighting should be ambient and the technical lights should tranquilly spread across rooms giving ample brightness. Mood lighting is desirable in bedrooms for a dreamy ambience and table lamps and stand-alone elements would be an excellent choice to achieve this. The kitchen requires maximum daylight and decorative lights are avertible owing to maintenance. For a luxurious experience, you can integrate modern techniques of automation, dimming, and temperature control.

What is the difference in designing lights for homes and offices?

Designing lights for a home is quite contradistinctive to designing interior lights for an office right from the aesthetics to the color temperature of lights. Upholding style and taste the home lighting can range from 2700 to 6000 kelvin as opposed to office lighting where 6000 to 6500 kelvin is imperative to maintain daylight or white light. Jade design house has sure taken the house of jade interiors design sector by storm with its innovative range of lighting designs.

AHL’s picks from Jade Design House Collection

You can explore Jade Design House’s eclectic collection of lighting and installations by visiting them at www.jadedesignhouse.com or @jade_designhouse 

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