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Center Table Shopping Guide

By 21centuryweb | Updated September 16, 2021
Center Table Shopping Guide

Center Table as you all know is the centerpiece of your living room and is definitely a center of attraction when chosen rightly. The wide variety of coffee tables that are available today will puzzle you to find the apt one for your living room. Our Center Table Shopping Guide will help you consider various factors while you shop.

What size Center Table to buy?

Examine the unused space in your living room after placing your furniture. Your coffee table will be aligned at the center of the space, the size of your table should ensure that there is enough space to move around. Nested Tables or a combination of 2 or more tables will call for a larger area else the room will appear small and cramped. A room that appears large and spacious is always more inviting than a congested one. Small round center tables will utilize lesser space than the long rectangular ones. You can decide on the size and shape accordingly.

How to select the perfect Coffee Table?

While design selection is a personal choice your contemplation would revolve around the interior style (modern, retro, or contemporary) and the material and finish of the furniture. You would often think that a wooden or glass table would go well with your wooden furniture. And you mostly end up giving a wooden coffee table the same finish as your furniture. We at AHL suggest you go the unconventional way and try a mix of materials and textures.

The mirrored Center Tables at all home living are eternal. They will not just complement any type of furniture but will also fit into every interior style. This Block Style Coffee Table is a personal favorite as it gives a minimalistic chic look to the room

Rectangle Mirrored Centre Table

Apart from being the center of attraction you can utilize the table for various other functionalities. You can have a newspaper or book storage. Keep some of your handy things like remotes and chargers in the storage. So, selection with design and functionality is a plus. Check out our 2 Drawer Coffee Table if you are looking at storage.

Mirrored Coffee Table

Tables with a gild of Gold and the ones with curves and design give more of a vintage appeal. If you are in for giving your home a retro look or a contemporary look then have a look at our French Leg Design.

Square Mirrored Centre Table

Styling Tips

You can add charm to your bare center tables by styling them. A vase or a set of Vases can be placed with or without flowers, arrange dried flowers or stones in decorative trays or boxes or place an elegant showpiece or paperweight while you place your newspapers and books on the table.

We hope our Center Table Shopping Guide will enhance your shopping experience at All Home Living. Shop from our exquisite range of Venetian Mirrored Furniture.

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