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Bedside Table Buying Guide

By 21centuryweb | Updated September 15, 2021
Bedside Table Buying Guide

Bedside Tables are a bedroom staple. How do you go about buying a bedside table that happens to be the most imperative piece of furniture in your bedroom after your bed? We have curated a Bedside Table Buying Guide to make your purchase easy.

You can go for a symmetric or an asymmetric look for your bedroom both do wonders in their own ways. Going for the symmetric look is a goof-proof option and thus preferred the most. You can’t possibly go wrong with this one and it gives an apple-pie order to your bedroom.

On the other hand, the asymmetric look gives no less than a royal look to your bedroom with a wide bedside cabinet on one side of your bed. This would be more preferable in a capacious room. In a not so large room, you could go for a versatile table that would serve as a night stand and a dresser.

Size & Storage

Storage happens to be an imperative criterion. You can have shelves or a drawer, or a bedside table with multiple drawers to serve the purpose of organizing your items, medicines, books, eyeglasses, chargers, and other handy stuff. The size of the tabletop that you choose is also important. The surface of your bedside table also accommodates the table lamp, or maybe your alarm clock, the books you read, your medicines, or maybe your handy cosmetics. So you can decide the right size depending on your aesthetic and functional needs.

The appropriate height for a bedside table would be equal to the bed with mattress included or a little lower than your bed to have things close-at-hand.

Bedside Table Design

Leave alone bedside table any piece of furniture that you add to a room needs to merge with the rest of its surroundings (the furniture, the wall color and the upholstery). The styles and designs available today are so multifarious that selection becomes a task. We at All Home Living make life simple for you with our mirrored furniture. The mirrored bedside tables blend with any wood finish and wall color and add elegance to your rooms.

Styling your Bedside Table

You can exquisitely style your night stands by placing Table Lamps on them or hanging pendant lights over them. A pretty photo frame and table clock would also add charm to the room. This photo frame set is my all-time favorite, it defines class and elegance and is apt for any bedside table.

If you think the bedside table buying guide missed out on something that you would like to know. We would love to interact with you and help you make the right choice.

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