The architect behind sustainable homes

By 21centuryweb | Updated August 25, 2021
The architect behind sustainable homes

Ben van Berkel is a Dutch architect behind sustainable homes and a founding partner of the internationally acclaimed practice Unstudio. Where the UN stands for a united net. And the main motives of his team include bidding to acknowledge the collaborations of the architectural design process. Around the globe with the changing demands of contemporary society, his buildings never fail to meet the demands of various families or businesses. Gradually over the years, his essence of innovative creation has put him among the most known architects worldwide.

THE W.I.N.D. HOUSE in North-Holland, Netherlands

Expanding over an area of 5683 sq. feet, the W.I.N.D house is located on the premises of an outer village of north Holland in the Netherlands. Ben van Berkel and this team started this project in 2008 and concluded it by 2014. So to seal off this project, his team drew inspiration from the future. And modernized the house by including sustainable solutions and home automation to maximize the flexible use of space.

The front side of this house includes living spaces comprising of a floor to ceiling window framing to the terrestrial landscape. But the house is designed in a way that the private bedroom area places towards the back of the house. Excluding that side from being more public as the woods surround the house and make it secluded.

In architecture façade, a French term means the front side of the building. This building’s façade flaunts coated glazing as well as tinted glass that filters sunlight. The illustration of this house depicts the shape of a flower. And the four facades of the house also known as petals which curve towards the center of the house. The creation of circulation is by an open staircase in the center of the house.

The architect behind this ‘smart sustainable home’ has achieved to build a nature-friendly house which responds to all seasons over a year by:

  • Setting up solar panels to harvest the energy from the sun at the roof of the house.
  • A home automation system enabling control of the electrical systems including solar panels and mechanical installations.
  • Furthermore, the house provides a healthy indoor climate because the ceiling and the walls are made from clay mixed with natural clay stucco.

So this was innovatively designed by Ben Van Berkel who is the architect behind sustainable homes in todays world.

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