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AHL Lounge | Interview with Sailakshmi of SLA

By 21centuryweb | Updated February 7, 2022
AHL Lounge | Interview with Sailakshmi of SLA

Sailakshmi, an Architect & Interior Designer, is the founder of SLA. The studio based in Chennai was established in September 2019. She has earned her wings with a Bachelors in Architecture and a Masters in the same field from Florida International University, USA. She has been passionate about Spaces and Design from an early age. Her design thinking process is conceptualize between modern and traditional. The interaction of spaces with people and the vibes people get from different styles of interiors was quite intriguing to her.


An aesthetic Dining Space with clean lines at the entrance

Elementary design with clean lines and a touch of glam is her signature style. Sailakshmi conceptualizes a beautiful connection between people and spaces. Nature is her greatest inspiration for designing. And she feels that your space should bestow you with the same exhilarating experience that the natural environment would. On that account, she ensures the presence of natural light and ventilation in the spaces she creates. “By putting Biophilia into effect you invite a fine transition from outside to the inside and vice-versa”, expresses Sailakshmi. She believes in imparting a voice and identity to your space which would envelop your physical and mental health and will bring out the best in you. The goal should be to make the design clear, simple and inspiring. Her elementary design does the job pretty well.

Img Alt

Naturally Lit Room

Img Alt

Transition from Outdoor to Indoor

What obstacles & challenges do you face while designing?

“There are multifarious challenges that you face and overcome during the design phase. In one of our projects where the challenge was minimal natural light we
looked at ways and materials to enhance and bring in more natural light.
Another common challenge that a designer faces is contrasting choices and ideas of inmates. In our recent apartment project, the man was a vintage lover and the woman wanted a contemporary aesthetic. While it was quite a challenge to accomplish a middle ground we were in awe of the outcome which was a perfect juxtaposition of old and new. I would admit that these challenges help in our growth and learning tremendously”.

Img Alt

Furniture with Neutral Hues

Img Alt

Reflective Surfaces and white doors to enhance light

Tell us about a project you cherish.

“It ought to be my parent’s home which happens to be my first project. I was lucky to have a space for practical experience, which was my own. Committing mistakes and coming up with great solutions taught me so much as a newcomer and lead the way to my existing firm”.

Chic interiors of kitchen with Island Table and Pendant Lights


An open kitchen with pendant lights at the island

What are the latest trends in Interior Design and Architecture?

“I’m not a follower of trends and believe that a design is definitive to the individual space or context. And every creation is a blend of client requirements and the design sensibilities of the architect or interior designer. Designs should be evergreen and stand the test of time”, advises Sailakshmi of SLA.

Img Alt

Simple & Chic Entrance Design

Img Alt

Central Courtyard Open to Sky

You can connect with SLA at:
[email protected]

Chic interiors of kitchen with Island Table and Pendant Lights


An Elegant Living Area to give you a tranquilizing feel

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