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Five Christmas Picks To Renew Your Home This Festive Season

By Shabana Feroze | Updated February 7, 2022
Five Christmas Picks To Renew Your Home This Festive Season

Our interior experts pick the top home decor pieces that’ll make your home look extra Christmassy and festive.

Christmas is around the corner. And we’re sure you’ve done all your Christmas shopping for all your loved ones, you must have bought lots of gifts for them. Thoughtful Christmas gifts always turn out the best. But have you done YOUR Christmas shopping? Have you picked out amazing decor for the home that’ll make it look new and festive?

We’re not talking about the tree and the lights that you put up every year. This year, it’s time to add something different. Something unique. So that your home looks new and refreshed. All ready for a new year full of hope and happiness.

Here are our five picks to renew your home this festive season :

And hey, if you don’t celebrate Christmas but still want to get these, go ahead. We won’t judge.

Bevelled Accent Mirror Wall Panel

A well-placed mirror not only adds to the beauty of a room, but it also generates additional space. So, how can you make the most of what you have if you’re short on space? Apart from the mirrors that are normally fixed on walls or on the opposite side of doors. Interior decoration with accent mirror simply looks stunning.

This beveled accent mirror wall panel is a single piece of wall decor that’ll transform your living room. Like we spoke about in our last article, mirrors bring positive energy and make a space look open and bright.

And this bevelled accent mirror will do exactly that. With a rectangular frame, it’s a modern and sleek addition to your living room decor. The frame is crafted from high-grade steel, with a bold black finish for that effortless chic look. The piece includes hooks for hanging, so it’s super easy to put up.

Hang it over a console table or over your bar table. A few coloured glass vases, a few flowers, and voila! You’ve added beauty, light and colour all in one go to your space.

Prisma Mirrored Bar Cabinet Table

Speaking of your bar furniture, here’s a show-stopping piece that’s sure to be the star of your entertaining space. Bar cabinet is always useful in a house full of people. The Prisma Mirrored Bar Cabinet is brilliant if you’re someone who loves to impress your guests. And let’s be honest, who isn’t? Because this spectacular design promises to dazzle anyone who lays eyes on it.

The exterior is made up using well-cut mirrors for a geometric and light-reflective feel. And it’s called “prisma” for a reason. Because whether you’re entertaining by candlelight or at sunset, the mirrored surface will catch the light beautifully and create a magical ambience. Behind the glistening exterior lies a sleek black interior which provides an elegant home for your barware. All thanks to three spacious shelves.

Imagine standing behind this and making spectacular cocktails for your mesmerized guests. It’s THE iconic bar table. An exquisite and essential piece for a swanky Christmas gathering and a luxurious New Year party.

Magenta Pink Rug by Quilting Tree

Add Christmas cheer to your home with this festive magenta and red rug from our bedding brand, Quilting Tree. With a geometric pattern in the centre and delicate floral vines at the sides, it’s a bit of old-school charm for your living room or your bedroom.

Made from pure cotton, the rug is machine washable. All Quilting Tree rugs are anti-skid. They have small rubber patches on the reverse to prevent the rug slipping on your floor.

This rug is sure to brighten up your space because of the vibrant colours which won’t fade with time. It also adds that cozy warmth. Perfect for the cold festive season when you want to sit on a soft armchair with a cup of eggnog in your hands. A velvet rug can also be a great investment for any space.

In a size of 160 x 210 cm, this rug will fit in any room. Place it under or near your Christmas tree for a beautiful Christmassy look of red and green.

GPO Attaché – Briefcase Record Player

Speaking of cozy armchair and hot mug-wala Christmas morning scenes, now imagine Christmas carols playing from a vinyl record player. That crisp, clear sound from an analogue record is unlike any other.

Which is why we recommend this GPO Attache Briefcase Record Player. Not only will you get that unique vinyl record sound, but it looks amazing as well.

The leather finish and retro metal corner protectors make it look 1920s dapper is a vintage record player. Weighing 2.5 kg, this lightweight briefcase-style turntable includes a USB stick. So you can record all your vinyl music to a digital format. Isn’t that great?

It plays 33, 45 and 78-speed records. It has built-in twin stereo speakers with 2 x 1.5-watt output (3 watts total). The Auto-Stop feature is super useful for when you leave the music on and become busy with guests. It’s compatible with all external speakers including the GPO Westwood and GPO Westwood Mini. The dimensions are W 35.5 x D 27.5 x H 13.5cm.

It’s a great addition to your home for the festive season. And it makes for a great gift. Scour a few flea markets (or your grandparents home) to find a few old vinyl records and waltz to ABBA or Boney M while waiting for Santa to show up.

Here’s a novel addition to your bar or your dining room. A guitar-shaped wine rack.

Guitar Shape Wine Rack 5 Bottle Holder

Made from bamboo, this wine bottle holder an eco-friendly and sustainable decor piece to add to your home. It can hold up to 5 wine bottles. A unique piece from our brand Ozel Homes, it’s a quirky and contemporary addition to your interiors. And if you’re a music buff, or know someone that is, it makes for a great gift. It’s certain to be a talking point during Christmas family dinner.

Those were our favourite Christmas picks to rejuvenate your home this festive season. Become your own Santa this Xmas and get a one-of-a-kind piece for your home.

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We also have a no-cost EMI offer. With 12 months easy instalments at 0% interest and no additional costs. For all orders above INR 5,000.

Which one’s your favourite Christmas addition? Let us know in the comments below.

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