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Jazz Billet – An Artsy and Eclectic Residence by Envisage

By 21centuryweb | Updated December 15, 2021
Jazz Billet – An Artsy and Eclectic Residence by Envisage

The design industry has grown tremendously and there is no paucity of esthetic homes. The residences are exquisitely designed with great panache. Aesthetic designs, beautiful art, selective colors, and out of the box conceptualization is definitely on the rise. But, designing homes that reflect the personality of its inmates is the real challenge. 1101, Jazz Billet a 2600 ft. residence designed by Envisage is a beautiful reflection of the homeowners and attracts attention in a subtle way.

Living Room of 1101

The design brief given to Meena Murthy Kakkar (Design Head) & Vishal Kakkar (Business Head) – Partners at Envisage was a simple one. The owners wanted to create a home that offered the basic functionalities and was inviting and pleasing to hang one’s hat. Perpetual interactions with the client are an inevitable part of the design process. This ensured that every nook and corner had a dash of their personality. The result was a gorgeous space filled with warmth.

Living, Dining and Bar in harmony

Enter Jazz Billet and you are greeted with a foyer space with three zones of seating the Dining, Bar, and Living. The entryway leads you to these three spaces which are beautifully in sync with their geometric and eclectic design details. A hint of gold adds a royal touch to the modern stripes and geometric design. Multifarious seating options give every individual the choice of unwinding in their own comfort zone. The hospitality and inviting nature of the inmates truly reflects in the structured creation.

As you walk in through the flow of intricate design you can see the space illuminated with lights of varied designs. Pendant Lights, wall lights, table lamps, and sconces give a bright appearance to this spacious abode. Adding a lap of luxury is the automated lighting system that surrounds this home. The selection of furniture is minimalistic yet chic. Modern and classy Bar chairs, and lavish upholstery of sofas in the Living room exhibit elegance. The contrasting hues of the Living room amplify the look.

Whilst the exquisite design are choicest wall accents. Modern abstract wall frames adorn the dining room and a wall mirror reflects the dining table to add charm. The passage gives you warm vibes with circular family pictures beautifully hanging on walls. and the Living Room’s gallery wall increases the style quotient. The console table at the vestibule augments their style through romantic candle holders and a minimalist mirror.

Storage behind Panel wall with lights

A beautiful open layout with spaciousness in profusion was challenging in terms of storage space. The pretty detailing and furniture setup was allowed to take center stage by hiding the storage in a panel patterned wall decked with harmonized wave like lights. This made for great storage space without cluttering the space with more furniture.

Simple Kitchen with Patterned Tiles

The bar space oversees the kitchen which is kept simple in shades of beige and lavender. The printed tiles add pattern to the muted look of the kitchen and harmonize it with the space.

Bedroom in Earthy Hues

Earthen hues in the bedroom lend a tranquilizing ambiance to the most peaceful zone of their home. A beautiful blend of textures with rugs, upholstery and wall panels provide a beautiful space to relax. The low key lights hidden behind panels and bedside lights add to the amorous look of the bedroom

Opulence and comfort lie at the heart of this simple and harmonious home designed by Envisage. Belonging to the Defence industry the inmates had their own collection of artsy pieces through their voyages over the years. A perfect amalgam of modernity and classic design this home is a pure reflection of the occupant’s warmth and love.

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