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Bring Luxury Home From Quilting Tree

By Shabana Feroze | Updated January 25, 2022
Bring Luxury Home From Quilting Tree

I don’t know about you, but I love this time of the year.

When Navratri ushers in India’s festive season.

The days become shorter and nights become longer.

When the leaves start to turn brown.

When the weather becomes cooler.

When all you want to do is Snuggle in bed.

Winter was MADE for feeling cozy in bed, for hot chocolate (or chai!), thick socks. For that serene feeling of hygge.

Which is why this season is the perfect time to revamp your bed and bedding. If you know you’re going to be spending more time in bed, you have to make it super-comfy and luxurious.

The festive season is also the perfect time to redo your bed because this is The time for redecorating. If not during Diwali or Christmas, then by New Year you’ll feel the need to shake things up a bit.

In any case, we’ve all had to stay home more because of Corona and the ensuing lockdowns. More reason to make our space look cozy, inviting, happy, and motivated amids lockdown.

To give you some great tips to choose the best bedding, and make your bed feel like royalty, try out the luxury quilts and bedspreads from Quilting Tree.

Here’s why I’m in love with these quilts (and why you should be, too):

Healthy Cotton

These luxury quilts, coverlets and shams are made from pure cotton. Sleeping in a cotton quilt is so good for both your skin and your health.

Cotton is a natural fabric which lets your skin breathe. It wicks away moisture to keep you cool throughout the night. And we know how important that is when the power goes out unexpectedly!

The cotton enhances the comfort of the quilt set. The luxury comforter sets from Quilting Tree come in a pack including cushion covers and the comforter. So you’re resting your head on a cooling cotton pillowcase, and covering yourself with a comforter that doesn’t feel heavy and sweaty.

So 👏🏽 Many 👏🏽 Designs 👏🏽!

Quilting Tree boasts one of the largest collections of quilts in India. This means that you get to choose from a massive variety of designs, textures, colours, and prints, to make your bed look exactly the way you want it to.

A frill patchwork quilt adds a vintage feel to your bedroom. The dark pink diamond quilted luxury quilt set in velvet, perfect for those princess vibes.

Or a reversible luxury quilt set if you’re indecisive. It has a delicate floral print on one side and a geometrical print on the other.

And if you’re going for a more subtle look, (or if you’re a man reading this and don’t want pink floral in your room), we’ve got just the thing. A variety of designs in neutrals like taupe, grey, muted blues and creams. Solid colours with ruffles. Or simple, geometric patterns with stripes and circles for the no-fuss man.

All The Sizes

The luxury comforter sets come in all sizes- single beds, double beds, queen beds, king beds and kids beds. So you have no excuse to not doll up each bedroom and make everyone’s sleep incredible.

The kids quilts can double up as playmats, so your little ones have a fun and soft floor to play on. And you’re stress-free because they’re playing on a quality product made from the best materials.

Quality Material for Quality Sleep

All the quilts are from the very best cotton, velvet, and other materials. They’re pesticide-free. They’re pre-washed to avoid shrinkage and color bleed.

The superior quality means that your luxury quilts and comforters last. Being pre-washed means that you always have vibrant colours in your resting space.

What’s more, all the comforter sets can be machine-washed. Convenience and ease never felt this luxurious!

So if you’re wondering what’s the big change you can bring to your home come 2022 (and we ALL want to see GOOD change next year), get yourself a luxury quilt set from Quilting Tree.

And remember, you can be as lazy as you want to while buying too. All the luxury quilt sets are on the All Home Living website and Quilting Tree delivers all over India.

Happy snuggling!

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