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Table Lamps

Bring home Luxury and Style with our exquisite pieces of Home Decor. Our handcrafted Table Lamps and Pendant Lights will add grandeur to your rooms. There are beautifully designed table lamps for study and table lamps for the bedroom.

There are various color variations to choose from. Buy Table Lamps Online in India at the Best Prices. Choose from a wide range of glass LED table lamps for the living room & bedroom from All Home Living. ✓COD ✓Buy Now ✓Best Offers.
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You can use these Table Lamps for study or for your bedroom and light up your space vigorously. Place them on your bedroom side tables, on your study, or in the corner of your living room. These table lamps also make for the choicest housewarming gifts as they are evergreen. All home Living offers the best-handcrafted Table Lamp Price. We also have various other home decors to choose from. Peek into our collection of decorative home decor, wall accents, Vases, lamps, and lighting. Our mirrored furniture, Quilts, and Bedspreads will also add on to the elegance of your rooms.

All Home Living delivers Pan India and our break-free packaging ensures safe delivery.

Classic Table Lamps to Set a Perfect Vibe

We understand how challenging it can be to decorate your home or apartment. You have to make many decisions about colors, styles, accessories, and prices. One thing that is quick and chic for any home décor is a fancy table lamp. 

Table lamps have been used for many years and still hold so much grace in any home. Vintage table lamps create a beautiful and liveable home. With so many options available in the market today, you might feel confused about buying the right table lamp online. Well, worry no more, as we have a quick checklist for you.

How to choose table lamps for different rooms?

Bedroom Table Lamps: Bedroom table lamps come in many colors and designs. You should choose a lamp that goes well with the interiors of your room like wall paint and furniture. Table lamps for the bedroom should be moderate in size and not too big.

Bedside Table Lamps: Bedside table lamps are specifically designed to be placed beside the bed. These lamps are mainly used to read or watch television. The purpose of bedside table lamps is their convenient usage. You can switch them on in the middle of the night. Also, if you prefer to sleep with a little light on, you can place bedside table lamps on both sides of the bed.

Desk Table Lamps: Desk table lamps are generally used for work desks. These offer light as you work on your laptop or computer. Table lamps for desks are sleek and occupy only a little space. These are placed in the corner of the table and offer enough light for you to work.

Table Lamps For Study: Study table lamps are a necessity in every house. As your child studies, he mustn’t strain his eyes. Table lamps for study are usually directed downwards and throw light directly on the textbook. Most table lamps have an adjustable arm, and you can position the light at your convenience.

Table Lamps For Living Room: While many table lamps have various purposes, a living room table lamp is more about enhancing the ambiance. These lamps are classy and extra decorative. From glass table lamps top to modern table lamps, you can choose a perfect lamp for your living room at All Home Living.

Common Lamp Shade Styles & Shapes

Classic Drum Shade: Drum-shaped lampshades are round at the top & bottom and have straight sides. It is one of the oldest and most trivial shapes of the lamp. If you are looking for a contemporary table lamp, then drum shaped lamp is the best for you.
Vintage Empire Shape: Empire-shaped lampshades are also known as tapered drum shades. These shades are narrow at the top and wide at the bottom. Empire shape lampshades look classy and perfect in any place of the home. 
Square Lamp Shades: A square lampshade is the most modern of all the shapes. These fancy table lamps look stunning in any room and any table. Square table lamps look gorgeous placed on curved or round lamps.

Glass Lamp Shades: Glass lamp shades perfectly reflect the mood of the room. These lampshades further come in many styles and shapes. All Home Living has some amazing glass table lamps for your home. Our lamps look elite and classic.


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Overall Outlook

Table lamps are an affordable and classic way of decorating your home. Fancy table lamps are available online in a vast variety. You can buy table lamps online at All Home Living. We have the widest range of table lamps from top brands like Casamotion table lamps.

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