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Lamps & Lightings

Illuminate your homes with All Home Living’s handcrafted Designer lights. You don’t have to stick to one style of lighting, experiment with different lighting designs for home. While chandeliers look best in the living room, pendant lights look great in bedrooms. Lamps & Lightings Online ⭐ Shop Lamp Lights Online in India at Best Prices. Choose from various Lamps & Lights Designs like Table Lamp, Study Lamp, and more. Shop online or in-store.

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Our range of Pendant and Table Lamps are exquisite designer pieces and will glamorize homes of any style. Spruce up a retro-styled Living room by placing ceiling lights or add up to the warmth of your bedroom by hanging these on either side. When the pendant lights are coupled together they fit perfectly on top of your kitchen islands.

The Table Lamps make for a statement decor on your study, your side table, or your console. These lamps can also brighten up a loved one’s face when gifted on occasion. The table lamps make for a great house-warming gift too. Appropriate brightness in a room is of utmost importance and helps bring good vibes on entering any room.

Our artsy collection also includes Wall accents, Mirrored furniture, showpieces, Cuckoo Clocks and quilts and comforters. We deliver PAN India so you have the privilege of ordering the best lighting from the comfort of your homes. Enjoy a great shopping experience by purchasing lighting online from our store.

Light Up Your Home with Exclusive Lighting

No matter how gorgeous the interiors of your home are, if the lighting does not complement the interiors, no furniture looks good. Yes, you got the point! Any room or home is all about its lighting and how well it reflects the furniture of your home.

Overall, the role played by lighting in a home cannot be underestimated. Lighting today is not limited to its functionality. The stunning designs available in the market make these lights attractive even when they aren’t turned on.

What are the 3 types of lighting?

Do you know lighting styles are differentiated based on their purposes? Well, now you know. Let us take a look at different lighting types to use at home.

The three main functions of lighting are:

  1. General Lighting: The basic purpose of any light is to lighten up the space of your home. The basic lighting purpose can be solved by regular lighting fixtures like chandeliers. The lighting for the living room is generally done by aesthetic chandeliers.
  2. Task Lighting: The next type of lighting is done to perform some specific tasks. For instance, the lighting of a study room has to be apt for reading. Similarly, lighting for the kitchen is necessary. Pendant lights work best for this purpose.
  3. Accent Lighting: As the name suggests, this lighting is done to add drama and style to the room. This lighting for the room lends a visual appeal to the interiors other than fulfilling its purpose.

Types of Lighting Décor At All Home Living

There are a lot of factors to consider while buying the perfect light for your home. From the size of your room to the interiors, all play a critical role in selecting the right lighting. All Home Living offers a wide range of lighting for homes.

Pendant Lights: Pendant lights are cute and chic and look amazing in any room of your home. These lights come in many styles and colors. Pendant lights add a dash of style and functionality to your home.

Table Lamps: A stylish table lamp can completely transform the look of your room. Table lamps are sleek and sophisticated. You can place a table lamp anywhere in your home. From bedside table lamps to center table lamps, they add character to the room. Another category of table lamps is desk lamps. These lamps are generally placed on desks and used to study or work. Desk lamps are comparatively slimmer and direct downwards.

Chandelier Lighting: Chandeliers are suspended from the ceiling and usually direct their light upwards. You would like to hang a chandelier in the living room or above the dining table. This ambient lighting item is known for its aesthetic value. All Home Living has some stunning chandeliers for your home.

Floor Lamp: A floor lamp in the corner of any room adds class and charm to the room. Sleek in style, these lamps come in a wide range of sizes. You should complement the room’s color scheme with the lamp to enhance its appearance.

Ceiling Lighting: One of the most common and liked categories of lighting is ceiling lights. These lights take no wall or floor space and brighten the room perfectly. The stunning designs available in these lights can confuse you to choose only one.


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Overall Outlook

The mood of your home is spruced up by lighting. We all love to come home to a classy and warm room after a long day. All Home Living has a range of lighting options for your home. If you are looking for ways to decorate your home, then we have everything you need.

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