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Style Your Shelves With Beautiful Mouth Blown Flower Vases

By Farida Khanbhadur | Updated February 7, 2022
Style Your Shelves With Beautiful Mouth Blown Flower Vases

This is a technique which involves inflating molten glass into a bubble with the help of a blow pipe. This is the most ancient form of making things from glass. So the flower vases made from this technique are unique and you can easily distinguish them from their brightness in colour and clarity. So style your shelves with these beautiful mouth blown flower vases.


These beautiful diamond cut hand blown vases can simply make any space look classy and elegant. You can place it on your shelves either in a pair or a set of four to give a complete look. These are quite heavy in weight so if you just love everything simply you can just place one flower vase.


This unique vase reminds me of my chemistry lab in school. These mouth blown beaker shape flower vases you can vouch on these for their clarity and quality of glass. You can either put a leaf or a single flower for it to look elegant. Place it either on a console table or a centre table for the industrial look.


These are unique bent glass mouth blown flower vases which you can ideally place it over a console in your living room or on your bedside table. So these can also be used to decorate your dining table or decorate your kitchen shelves with these beautiful vases.

Enliven your homes with these colourful yet trendy flower vases in different shapes and sizes to suit your decorative shelves. The amazing colour clarity and high definition of these vases make it exceptionally unique with their mouth blown effect.


The uniqueness in this flower vase is the ripple effect that it has in the middle. Vases are the most used decor item. It always depends on how well you place them. You can always team it up with other decor items like a small clock or figurines or sculptures.

Hope now you will be able to style your shelves with beautiful mouth blown flower vases which are in the list above.

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