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Update Your Living Room With Top Styling Tips

By Farida Khanbhadur | Updated February 8, 2022
Update Your Living Room With Top Styling Tips

Everyone loves good changes in their home and change is inevitable for all. So by following these few simple top styling tips you can update your living room with these basic ideas. These living room ideas are very simple ones that can easily be implemented.

Add new pieces of decor

Victorian Style Photo Frames Set
Victorian Style Photo Frames Set

Try to change the style of your decor like if you were using modern decor items replace it with victorian style design or vice versa. Like these victorian style photo frames sets, you can place them on a console table or the bedside table in your bedroom. You can always rearrange your home decor items like these. The trinket box and the clock can be placed at the bedside table while the photo frames set can be placed on the console in the living room.

Change the Lighting Effect

Lighting Ideas For Living Room
Lighting Ideas To Rejuvenate The Living Room

Lighting makes all the difference in a room. Always choose a softer and more subtle lighting for your living room area. The yellow lighting works best, and to that yellow lighting, clear glass pendant hanging light, and clear contemporary table lamp supports a their best. Lighting changes the mood of the room. You can also just change your existing bulbs with the dimmable one. So with these lighting ideas, you can adjust to bright or a softer light.

Add Quirky Rugs

Rugs By Quitlting Tree
Cotton Rugs To Enhance The Look Of Living Room

Change your carpet or you may even call it rug (this is one of my most doable top styling tip ) of the living room from the old thick tufted ones to something quirky and new like velvet carpets, cotton quilted carpets. Just by using this tip of replacing a carpet, you can observe a whole lot of change in the ambiance and feel of the living room. Always choose a carpet that’s easy to maintain and clean like the velvet carpet above and cotton carpets (rug) from Quilting Tree which is machine washable. Otherwise carpets will accumulate dust which becomes very unhygienic.

Creating A Gallery On wall

Photo Gallery Wall
Photo Gallery Idea To Enjoy The Memories Of Live

You can always frame some memorable family pictures and use them as a wall art for the living room. It keeps on reminding you of your happy times and makes you feel happy. It will also make that empty wall look interesting. You can add your wedding pics, honeymoon pics your new born baby pictures and keep on changing the pictures for a change. Always choose a frame that will go along with your decor not just any frame and always ensure that the frame is easy to open and replace the pictures. So, by this way you can update the living room wall

Adding Indoor Plants

Indoor Planting Ideas
Ideas To Create Eco-friendly Environment In The Living Room

Adding indoor plants will create a fresh and an eco friendly environment in your living room. Plants like the snake plant, succulents, aloe vera, bamboo, money plant all grow well indoors. You can always put them in attractive planters which is matching to your room decor otherwise they will be the odd one out. If it is a big snake plant you can ideally place it beside the sofa. You can place small succulents on the side table or the centre table. The bamboo plant you can always place it in water and keep it on the console table of the living room. Nowadays you are getting very attractive shapes of bamboo sticks which you can use.

So here were few tips to update your living room. Another tip will be to add a cuckoo clock in your living room for that exclusive look. Hope you found them useful.

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