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Tete-a-tete With Ace Framer – Ali Asger

By 21centuryweb | Updated April 26, 2022
Tete-a-tete With Ace Framer – Ali Asger

Guild Framer Ali Asger is the owner of Royal Frames, one of the earliest and most renowned shops in Hyderabad. Ali Asger has an artistic streak to himself.

If not framing pictures you can catch him behind the lens or with his platter. He is passionate about photography and being a Hyderabadi he’s a big-time foodie too. The aesthetic taste of the father-son duo reflects in their store.

In conversation with All Home Living, he tells us more about the framing industry, the choice of frame design for your interiors, and how they have served happy clients over the years.

1. How long have you been in the industry?

3rd generation into the family business, it’s been 9 years joining the framing industry

2. What inspires you?

There are very few players in the industry who emphasize quality and service. There’s much more to a frame than just wooden bidding around your artwork. We help our clients understand the different aspects of framing and how they can preserve their art for years. Our clients come back to us for the advice we have to offer for different artworks. The trust our clients show in us keeps us inspired and helps us move forward.

3. How do you help clients in making a perfect choice?

In the selection process, we keep in mind the colors used in the artwork and the interiors of the room in which the frame has to be put up. Every artwork requires a different kind of framing. We also make sure that the frame doesn’t overpower the artwork.

4. Suggestions that you would like to give to a person decorating his new home

Frames are an integral part of decorating spaces. Placing art, mirrors, and photographs on the right walls are important in giving your walls and rooms definition. Art can be framed with simple lines and bold colors, a decorative or a bright frame will look good on a mirror if the mirror is going to be placed in the dining or living room, photographs look best with neutral mounting (space between the photograph & frame) and borders depending on the photograph, an old photograph will look good with a traditional design and simple thin frames can be used for modern photographs.

5. Which genre of the frame would you recommend for each of these rooms?

Living Room – the best from your art collection has to be displayed in the living room

Master Bedroom – an abstract with a simple frame for a modern home or a floral painting for a traditional home

A bright kids bedroom

Kids Room – funky bright-colored frames are my personal favorite for a kid’s room. They can either have their superheroes posters in it or some of their photographs

Wall Mirror in the Dining Room

Dining Room – you can place a mirror in the dining room if you’re not the one who would want to hang a still life.

Bathroom – along with a mirror a bathroom can also have a few small hangings of modern art

Monstera leaf art for balcony

Balcony/Porch – art of a monstera leaf would be the perfect choice for a balcony

6. Which is or has been your favorite frame and why?

Box frames are my favorite as they help us as framers create depth for art or pictures and once on the wall they give it a classy side view.
Here are some of his favorite picks.


What kind of changes has the framing industry seen with changing styles of interiors?

It’s all about keeping minimal in today’s generation. Most people nowadays prefer the thinnest and minimalist frames as most homes are now done modern.

One of Ali Asger’s creations during COVID times.

You can follow them on Instagram: @royal_frames
Or visit them at: http://www.royalframes.in/
You can check out one of the widest range of frames collections at their stores in Hyderabad.

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