The Most Expensive Homes in Mumbai that Redefine Luxury

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Mumbai the city of dreams

Mumbai, the city of dreams and the wealthiest city in the country is home to the highest number of millionaires in India. Undeniably it is the land of the most expensive homes in the country, homes costing not less than a billion. Leaf through this post to discover the owners and specifics of these palatial residences which happen to be important landmarks of the city.

1. Mukesh Ambani’s Antilia

An Indian billionaire businessman and the 10th richest man in the world as of March 2021 Mukesh Ambani moved into Antilia in 2012. We are all aware of this skyscraper mansion which is one of the largest in the world, and the second-most prized residence after Buckingham Palace.  Located at Altamount Road, Cumbala Hill this magnificent private home has 27 floors (equal to 40 storeys because of extremely high ceilings)  and is spread across 40,000 square feet. A temple, spa, swimming pool, health centre and terrace garden is imaginable in this palatial house, but the mind-boggling amenities include 9 high-speed elevators, three helipads, a 50 seater theatre, and a garage capacity of 168 cars. High-maintenance indeed, this deluxe home demands 600 staffers. Antilia can survive an earthquake with a magnitude of 8. The conceptualization of this luxurious home takes inspiration from Lotus and Sun and utilizes marble, crystals, and mother-of-pearl.  The world’s most expensive private home Antilia is valued at $2.2 billion as of May 2020.

The most expensive home in mumbai

2. Ratan Tata’s Retirement Home

An epitome of poise and humbleness Ratan Tata’s plush home facing the Arabian Sea is a true reflection of his personality. 20 minutes away from Bombay House, the headquarters of Tata Sons the luxurious and serene white bungalow covers 13,350 square feet of land and is valued at Rs. 150 Crore. The white walls and ceilings with all-embracing glass windows give the best view of the Arabian Sea making this paradisiacal and tranquil home the best for post-retirement. The 3 storeyed home’s highlights include a well-equipped gym, state-of-the-art media room, a sun deck, an infinity pool that accommodates 50 people has a bar and barbeque space. The basement can shelter 10-12 cars at any given time. Befitting Ratan Tata’s graceful personality the colonial architecture and tranquil interiors of this retirement home are simple yet opulent.


Ratan Tata's All white cabin house at colaba

3. Kumar Manglam Birla’s Jatia House

Kumar Manglam Birla, the fourth generation head of Aditya Birla Group was the highest bidder for the lavish Jatia House in Malabar Hill which was originally built in 1950. Agreeing at a whopping Rs. 425 Crore Birla outbid 5 of his rivals for the sea-facing 30,000 square feet Jatia house, one of the most expensive homes in Mumbai. With lush greenery surrounding the home and bedrooms facing the sea, this house is veraciously luxurious.


Jatia House bought by Kumar Manglam Birla

4. Isha Ambani & Anand Piramal’s Gulita

Acquired by the Piramals at Rs. 450 Crores from Hindustan Unilever the Gulita stretches across 50,000 square feet. Post their wedding Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal moved into the diamond-themed Worli sea-facing bungalow which was built by 1000 people working relentlessly for 24 hours. The upscale home is currently valued at Rs. 1000 Crores and accommodates a swimming pool, three basements, several lounge areas, and has space to park 20 luxury cars.

Piramal's Worli Sea facing Gulita House

5. Gautam Sanghania’s JK House

Jk House is an iconic property in South Mumbai’s Breach Candy area. Owned by the chairman and managing director of Raymonds this 37 storeyed building is the second tallest private residence after Mukesh Ambani’s Antilia.  Another amongst the most expensive homes in Mumbai, the home shelters a museum, two private swimming pools, a recreational center, a gym, spa, and a helipad. The highlight of this tall palatial building is the 45-ft high marble canopy of his grandfather Lala Kailashpat Singhania that sits outside the JK House.

Gautam Singhania's JK House

6. Cyrus Poonawalla’s Lincoln House

Bedecked with the most luxurious amenities the Lincoln House was originally built by British Architect Claude Batley for the Maharaja of Wankaner. Mumbai’s most expensive property, the Lincoln House was purchased by Pune based industrialist Cyrus Poonawalla for a gargantuan value of Rs. 750 Crore. Spread across 50,000 square feet the property includes an open land with sea-facing backyard.

Poonawalla's Lincoln House

7. Shahrukh Khan’s Mannat

The King of Bollywood’s abode is yet another amid the most expensive home in Mumbai and is currently valued at Rs. 200 Crores. The plush sea-facing mansion in Bandra is certainly fit for a king. Shahrukh eyed this bungalow since the shooting of Yes Boss in 1997 and purchased it in the year 2001. A grandiose black gate entry to the 6 storeyed mansion gives you a glimpse of the white heritage villa with neo-classical elements. Housing multiple bedrooms, a gym, pool, and a personal auditorium along with a host of studios and offices this home is one of the most popular in the world.

Shahrukh Khan's Mannat

8. Amitabh Bachan’s Jalsa

Of his five plush houses in Juhu, Mumbai, Jalsa was a ritzy gift by Director Ramesh Sippy to Amitabh Bachan post the completion of his movie Satte pe Satta. This 10,123 square feet bungalow is priced at Rs. 112 Crores and has impressive interiors. For more than three decades Senior Bachan has been practicing the ritual of greeting his fans every Sunday from his Royal Residence.

Amitabh Bachans home Jalsa

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