Number Of Speakers For Each Room & What You’re Listening To

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How many speakers you need for your home, lifestyle and other scenarios ?

There are so many different types of speakers, surround sound systems, home theatre systems, bluetooth and wireless speakers. The Home Tech division at All Home Living boasts a massive collection of speakers from international brands. Looking through our range itself might overwhelm you. (Sorry, not sorry?).  

So what’s the right number of speakers for each room you will need? Our sound experts break it down. 

Movies and Television In Your Living Room

living room speakers

Television shows and movies today almost always feature surround sound. This means that to get that authentic sound and experience a full cinematic experience of movies, you’ll need more speakers for a home theatre experiance. Your best bet is a home theatre system with a full surround sound system, like the Dali Oberon 5 & 3 (5.1 System) with AVR. Because these home theatre packages have left and right speakers for both the front and the back, a centre channel speaker, and a subwoofer for low notes. This way you can be sure that you enjoy your movies and TV shows to the fullest. 

Music In Your Bedroom or Hall

in wall speaker

To enjoy your favourite music in its full clarity and glory, we recommend at least two speakers in your room. This is because some tracks make use of both channels- right and left. On-wall speakers are great for music as they provide high-quality sound without cluttering up your decor. They’re meant for medium to large rooms, and they disappear into your space. We love the Focal Aria SR 900 – On Wall Speaker (Pair).

You may also want to add a subwoofer into the mix to really feel that deep bass. If you have a larger room, you can add a second pair of left and right speakers, like the JBL Stage A 120 – Bookshelf Speaker (Pair). This will ensure the entire room’s drenched in sound. 

Parties In Outdoor Spaces 

If you’re having an outdoor party on your terrace or in your garden, you want your guests to hear the music clearly without it being too loud. A standard two speaker system won’t be enough. Especially if the area is big and you want the music to reach all corners. 

floor standing speakersWe recommend a minimum of four floor-standing speakers placed strategically around the party area. This will ensure your guests can hear the music without it being super loud in one particular area. And if you have a dance floor outside, (you lucky thing, you) keep your speakers close to it as you’ll want the most sound concentrated in this area.

Bluetooth/ Wifi Speakers & Headphones For Smaller Rooms & Travel

bluetooth speaker

For the rest of your house or for when you’re travelling, you want a speaker that’s powerful yet easy to carry. You can carry a portable Bluetooth speaker like the Dali Katch or the Denon Envaya Pocket DSB-50BT Bluetooth Speaker that can play music in any room of your home or your hotel room. And of course, make sure you have your favourite pair of wireless headphones for when you’re travelling. Or for when you’re out of doors and just want to shut the world out. 

Final Thoughts

So the number of  speakers you need will depend on the sizes of your rooms, how often you listen to music and watch TV, and how particular you are about your sound. And let’s not forget- your budget. 

And because we know just how unique you can be, we carry a wide variety of speakers in every category- from sound bars to ceiling speakers to integrated stereo amplifiers. From top-notch brands from all over the world. 

What’s more, we deliver all over India. And we provide easy instalments at 0% interest. And if all those choices confuse you, you can contact AHL Customer Support on WhatsApp number (+91) 9607929864/66/68 or email us at [email protected]

Getting the right sound for your lifestyle has never been easier.  

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