3 Steps To The Balcony Of Your Dreams

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With these steps from our interior design experts, getting your balcony to look like the ones you covet on Pinterest is as easy as 1-2-3! 

Let’s all agree, it’s the Age Of The Balcony. The lockdowns made balconies the most important place of our homes. They’re the best way we can feel like we’re outside without having to step out of the house. 

And because of this, a lot of us redecorated our balconies. We stopped looking at them as a place to store old things and started looking at them as a vital part of the house. We made them look cozier, prettier. A space where we can spend a lot of time. 

balcony decor

At All Home Living, we’ve always thought that balconies are one of the most important places in the home. Done up right, they can function as many things. A home office, a garden, or just a cozy outdoor space to spend some downtime. And the size of the balcony doesn’t matter. Like any other interior space, it’s how you decorate it

In this article, our interior design experts show you the steps to make your balcony your favourite space of your home. 

Step 1: Make the Floor Comfortable

The problem with balconies is that the floor becomes dusty too fast. Then you don’t feel like stepping out into your balcony. It remains unused and a place to store old things. 

grass balcony

So then, your first step should be to make your balcony’s floor comfortable and clean, like the rooms of your home. You can either put fake grass as a full carpet in the balcony, or you can add rugs. The fake grass will make the space look green and vibrant. The rugs will make it look warm and cozy

rug balcony

Try a rug from Quilting Tree. They’re made of pure cotton, they’re machine washable, and they have sticky pads under to make sure they stay in place. Once your balcony’s floor is sorted and easy-to-clean, you’ll find yourself stepping into your balcony more and more. 

Step 2: Magical Lighting

Your balcony needs to be usable at night, not just during the daytime when there’s plenty of light. And lit up with beautiful lights, your balcony will be a joy not just to you, but to anyone outside your building, looking at your balcony. 


To light it up for the coziest ambience, we suggest hanging pendant lights from the ceiling. These will not just light up the balcony for relaxing evenings, but also look amazing. If it’s not possible to hang pendant lights, keep one or two big table lamps on a small console table. Hand Blown Murano glass pendant lights and lamps will add colour and beauty to your balcony. Make sure you have bulbs with warm yellow light in the pendant lights or lamps.

fairy lights

Once you’ve taken care of the major light source, you can think of decorating the balcony with fairy lights. This will add a magical touch to the space.


Step 3: Decorate!

Now that you’ve got the floor and the lighting sorted, it’s time to make your balcony as unique as you are. Remember that furniture is not just for your rooms. You can add furniture to your balcony, too! 

A comfortable armchair in one corner if you have the space. And a coffee table in front of it so you can have your tea or coffee while watching the sunset. Here’s a tip- use mirrored furniture because this will be the easiest to clean dust off of. 

decorAdd furnishings and decorations to your balcony once you’ve added seating. A wall mirror will make the space feel bigger than it is. Plants will make it look lively. Place pretty cushions on the armchair and on the floor. 

The Last Step That No one Thinks Of: Add a speaker! Whether it’s a wireless bluetooth speaker, wall speakers, or floor speakers, you’ll transform your balcony into a wonderful haven with your favourite music filling the space. 

And there you go! You have a stunning balcony done up in no time. It’s as easy as 1-2-3! Make sure you add a few of our pieces from the Talisman Collection. Because you know, nazar na lage! 


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