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Venetian Chandelier: An Epitome Of Craftsmanship By Barovier & Toso

By Farida Khanbhadur | Updated January 12, 2022
Venetian Chandelier: An Epitome Of Craftsmanship By Barovier & Toso

Barovier & Toso, a venetian brand from Italy started in 1880 specialises in venetian glass. This Italian brand is well known for their luxury collection. Which specialises in Chandelier, ceiling lamps, table lamps, wall sconces, suspensions and floor lamps.

Barovier & Toso is known for its epitome in craftsmanship in the products they manufacture. Venetian chandelier by Bravier & Toso are a complete masterpiece in it self as its a brand from Murano, Venice. Murano a place specialising in Venetian glass products.

A Venetian chandelier, also known as a venetian pendant, is a type of chandelier composed primarily of glass or metal rods suspended from chains. The term refers to the style of lighting rather than the actual structure or support.

It is an ornate, elegant and even lavish piece designed for special occasions. With this in mind, an antique Venetian chandelier typically has many tiers and at least four arms with candles in the center of each one.


Baroviar & Toso launches their 4607 chandelier in venetian style. They believe in designing things that are unique and lasts forever. Rather than things that fascinates you for one season. This venetian chandelier in colour glass abides by the above principle. To launch this luxury lighting collection, it’s a complete process in working with innovators and traditionalists alike.


Multicolor glass flowers decorate this transparent crystal chandelier. A grand masterpiece luxury chandelier for your luxury living room, which transforms it into a palace look. This 4607 Venetian chandelier by Barovier & Toso will enhance the ambience of any space.


This 4607 chandelier is available in a number of hues and finishes. Choose the one which rightly fits your choice and decor.


Baroviar & Toso, the italian chandelier brands is available at Emery Studio (New Delhi). Emery Studio is a brand comprising bespoke lighting and a platform for sourcing various international luxury brands. Emery Studio exclusively represents, few of the splendid international designer lighting, home decor and tableware brands in India.

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