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Lighten Your Dream Home With Bespoke Luxury Lighting: Sans Souci

By Farida Khanbhadur | Updated January 11, 2022
Lighten Your Dream Home With Bespoke Luxury Lighting: Sans Souci

Lighten Your Dream Home With Bespoke Luxury Lighting :Sans Souci

Martin Chab , the founder of luxury lighting brand Sans Souci , a Bohemian always believe in crystal clear vision. He believes that Sans Souci is a leader in lightning originals and a luxury brand for seekers of beauty and finesse.

Sans Souci is a manufacturer of decorative lighting fixtures, glass objects and architectural features. This brand has been associated with luxury projects in the hospitality industry, spas, airports, luxury spas, premium residences worldwide.

What distinguishess them is the uniqueness in their design with utmost care on the precision and detail.

Sans Souci manufactures in North Bohemia, a place well known for glass making. Czech designer brand Sans Souci a legendary name in designing bespoke lighting glass objects and architectural features around the world.

Luxury lighting brands have enlisted the help of interior designers to create eye-catching spaces in elegant homes that are sure to inspire envy amongst us. Browse through these amazing designs from around the world and find your perfect fit for every lighting need!

Bespoke Projects Worldwide

Sans Souci designs a Luxury Residential Villa in Palm Jumeirah.


This XXII Carat, a luxury residential villa in Palm Jumeirah,Dubai. There are 22 villas in this luxury residential project .The lighting installation of 2 villas in Palm Jumeirah are with bespoke lighting from Sans Souci’s iconic residential collection—Airy.


The bespoke lighting of Sans Souci for this luxury living room is from the ‘Airy’ collection. This Airy installation has 280 pieces of hand blown crystal feather which truly blends with the tranquility of this luxurious living room. The colours in this hanging light vary from deep cognac to transparent hues. This living room installation measures 3.9 meters long and 4 meters in diameter.


The grand entrance at this luxury villa at Palm Jumeirah cascades this fabulous bespoke lighting from its ‘Airy’ collection by Sans Souci. The colours of the feathers portrays lightness and warmth at the entrance. The ceiling hanging light is 4.2 metres long.


There are 114 handblown crystal feathers in this Sans Souci hanging light. These feathers will only sway gently when you enter, they will not ruffle. These crystal feathers with such finesse and clarity are truly a work of art and craftsmanship.

Sans Souci Lights Up a Penthouse at the Bvlgari Residences in Dubai


This Bvlgari Resort in Dubai brings the mediterrain to Dubai. To enhance the Bvlgaris island experience San Souci has designed bespoke masterpiece lighting in two mansions and residential houses.


This shadow box penthouse by Bvlgari is designed with a unique concept, the mood of this house changes according to the time of the day, month, or year, due to the shadows created by the movable mesh screens around the room. To enhance the rooms lighting effects Sans Souci created a hand blown glass pendant lighting in cobalt and amber hues. These are in combination with metal lanterns which adds a bohemian look.

Sans Souci has designed bespoke lighting for many such luxury projects. The Palm Jumeira villa and the Bvlgari homes lighting are the original work of art. Sans souci continuously works on creating new technologies from original ideas.

For more information check out – https://sanssoucilighting.com

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