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Sanjyt Syngh : Breaking The Myth “Dark Colours Make The Room Look Smaller.”

By Farida Khanbhadur | Updated January 12, 2022
Sanjyt Syngh : Breaking The Myth “Dark Colours Make The Room  Look Smaller.”

Sanjyt Syngh – Interior Designer & Stylist

Sanjyt Syngh a New Delhi based design consultancy dedicated to luxury spaces, believes that “A space can be dark and yet create the feeling of volume by using the right element.”

This luxurious 3000 sq ft. penthouse located in Pali Hills, Bandra Mumbai, is a one bedroom suite. This suite has a sea view from almost all sides of the house and this was an added advantage to Sanjyt Syngh while designing this Penthouse.

The bounteous amount of natural light in this house is what makes the designer experiment with dark and bold colours. The clean edges and consistency of the walls mixes with artisanal details of lighting, hardware and many such details. This forms a unique environment hence creating perfect harmony.

Dark & Bold Living Room


A subtle monochrome palette of dark colours are incorporated in this living room, to shift the eye to the beautiful sea view. The lighting design of the living room is in layers keeping in mind the natural lighting, which is present in this luxurious living room. This fully automated living room has mood lighting, which is fully programmed to set according to the mood and feeling of the guest or the owner.


The furniture and the home decor accents above provide a stylish character to this 1 BHK Suite


Grandeur Bedroom


Such an inviting and luxurious bedroom to give a comforting and relaxing feel. The glossy blue pearl stone on the floor and the layers of drapery of sheer and blackout curtains gives this bedroom the luxurious look . To maximise the view of this bedroom, the automation of the television is in such a way that it disappears in the ceiling, to give a complete view of the sea.


The bedside tables and the centre table all complement the theme and the color palette of the room.


The glossy console table with a dark paint colors for bedrooms, complements perfectly with this grandeur bedroom.

Stylish & Modern Walk In Closet


This walk in closet connects with the bedroom and bathroom. The interior of this space combines a modern sense of simplicity and luxury. A stylish table lamp and the hanging chandelier are the decor accents which adds to enhance the grandeur.

Bold & Beautiful Bathroom


The black reflective onyx stone in the bathroom is from the floor to the counter to the walls. The full rectangular mirror with LED lighting enhances this splendour bathroom. Big bathroom mirrors makes your room look bigger. This dark bathroom ideas gives a boutique spa like richness. And if you’ve ever seen wall paint colors for small bathrooms with no natural light then you’ll know that colors play an important role in making it feel bigger and brighter. These bright colors are a key way to make their rooms feel larger.

This luxury one BHK suite is in black which is quite a rare colour in Indian interiors. The colour palette and the materials in making this suite gives a textural feel to this luxurious penthouse. To link each room to the other the same tone of colours and materials are used. This beautiful house in black will truly inspire to go bolder than bold. This Home tour with Sanjyt Syngh was indeed inspiring and bold.

To know more about this fabulous designer:

Website: www.sanjytsyngh.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sanjytsyngh/


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