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5 Kitchen Appliance Trends That Are Breaking The Internet

By Avani Muley | Updated March 2, 2022
5 Kitchen Appliance Trends That Are Breaking The Internet

Home technology is reaching for the skies with new inventions and appliances coming into the picture. And kitchen appliances have been not far away from the innovation scene!

Check out these 5 kitchen appilance trends that are deal-breaking appliances that are bound to turn some tables.

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Home Technology is finding its way into making your life in the kitchen easy and luxurious too! Find out what 5 kitchen appliances trends are going to change the home tech picture this year.

Smart Refrigerators

A most common problem in every household kitchen is to keep the vegetable and fruits fresh before consumption. It is no understatement to say that there is a constant time battle between the expiry date of fruits and your will to consume. Fruits emit ethylene gas when ripening that causes vegetables kept along with it to rot before time.

But with the new ethylene free fridge technology introduced by Bosch, your fruits and vegetables will stay fresher and crispier.

Another smart refrigerators trend is doing away with the handles for a cleaner and modernised look. With the same samsung smart fridge and LG refrigerator they both are the best refrigerator 2022. In terms of aesthetic appeal, darker matte finishes and even using a pop of colour to customize based on personal taste are gaining popularity.

Samsung Family Hub

LG InstaView ThinQ

Dishwasher Sinks

If you have smaller kitchen spaces or are living alone or get less use out of utensils, chances are you wouldn’t want to invest in a traditional dishwasher. It mostly because of space constraints and saving up on money.

But what if there’s a better way that doesn’t involve doing your dishes with your own hands? Dishwasher sinks are a smarter alternative for smaller kitchens.

Stainless steel commercial sinks have many benefits such as being easy to clean, portable dishwasher, Dishwasher sink, non-porous so they don’t hold onto nasty odors, and are durable. When you are deciding on the type of sink for your business, a stainless steel model is one of the best options.

The best part is it is even ecological due to the lesser water usage in washing cycles.

Sink Diswasher by Fotile America

Age Of Touch Screen

Obviously touch screen is no longer just in your mobile devices. It is one of the most booming trends of 2022 in the kitchen appliances segment.

From ovens, stoves, grills to even toasters, everything is becoming touch-operated so you can say good riddance to switches and buttons!

Bosch Cooktop

Revolution 180 Touchscreen toaster

Smart Coffee makers

What’s better than getting freshly brew coffee without having to move a finger? Adding one into the automated appliances are the smart and best coffee makers that work on voice command with Amazon Echo and Alexa and for someone who isn’t exactly tech-friendly, it even works like a traditional coffee maker. The best coffee maker 2022 is all about a smart upgrade!

Smarter Coffee 2nd Generation / Hamilton Beach Smart 12 Cup Drip Coffee Maker / Behmor Connected Coffee Maker

Wireless Cooking

The innovation of Bluetooth technology in kitchens will change the picture completely!

The fact that you are going to be able to operate your kitchen appliances wire-free makes your kitchen clutter-free.

Many brands such as Samsung, Haier and Apple are working on making smart technology operated appliances.

There is also the emergence of wifi technology kitchen through an absolutely user-friendly mobile application (just like home automation). Hello, smart kitchens!

KitchenAid Smart Oven+

June oven

GE Kitchen Hub

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