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What Kitchen Island Suits Best For Your Kitchen Needs

By Avani Muley | Updated February 21, 2022
What Kitchen Island Suits Best For Your Kitchen Needs

Kitchen Islands are good to supplement your actual kitchen counter-top space. Who doesn’t need extra space in the kitchen?

Any space in the kitchen you get is honestly never enough. So, islands are the best way to utilize open space. It gives you better scope to work, without cluttering your counter-top. Similarly, these kitchen island ideas will maximize your space.

Every kitchen is different in size, space and needs, so many pots and their ellementry ties, cutluries, refrigerator and so many other things. Therefore, a specialized approach is required while designing or adding elements. You can’t add a large baking unit in a kitchen where no one likes to bake, similar is the case with kitchen islands!

Not every kitchen needs or can accommodate a full kitchen island. Rather, it is always advised to tailor your kitchen appliances and cabinetry to your everyday needs. You can upgrade as and when your needs change.

There are several types of islands to suit your needs, so we’ve enlisted some ideas that we think are the most functional and decorative.

Full Kitchen Island

Kitchen Islands

This is the most suitable type when you have an enlarged kitchen space. You can utilize it to create storage instead of having a futile moving space!

Full islands usually have plenty of cabinetry space and in some cases, you can use it as a cooking and eating space. A small kitchen island enhances the functionality of a compact cooking space.

Full islands are generally permanent setups, so you can use wiring and pipelines to make it fully functional. Some even have dishwashers and/ or sinks instead of the cooking setup.

Rolling Kitchen Island

For kitchens that do not necessarily need heavy-duty islands, or need indefinite moving space, a rolling island is an ideal choice.

These are not overwhelming and extensive but are extremely functional since they are mobile.

You can use it in the kitchen when you need to and slide it out to the dining or living area whenever needed.

It can also act as a serving cart. And since they have storage, you can use it as your bar cabinet with cutlery, special guest crockery and can also use it to hold wine glasses.

Talk about multifunctional furniture!

Rolling Kitchen Islands


This is another variation of the traditional full kitchen island with seating and with similar storage capacity and functional aspects. But this includes two tiers to divide space for different functions.

Two tiered islands also have plenty of space that can be used for cooking and entertaining guests. You can treat the first tier level as an eating area and bar to have casual drinks and bites.

Two-tiered Islands


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