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4 Ways to Instill Parisian Design In Your Home

By Avani Muley | Updated March 4, 2022
4 Ways to Instill Parisian Design In Your Home

Who doesn’t love a chic Parisian vibe? The art-deco influences, vintage furniture, classic long french windows, column brackets, marble fireplace mantels, excessive use of creamy whites and iron-clad balconies with magnificent views of the Eiffel. Instilling Parisian design in your home will give a sophisticated, slightly old, but uptown look.

Channeling old-architectural Parisian influence

Parisian style is one, that gives importance to old-world architecture. And thus, you’d find influences of the 19th-century art & culture. The designs are traditional, minimalist but have intricate details. You can bring the exterior architectural styles details inside your home to make a stylish french statement, like the column brackets for instance. These elaborate influences were originally seen in royal palaces and traditional french homes.

Investing in vintage furniture pieces

If you’re a fan of the chintz and slightly royalist extravagant furniture, you have a taste of traditional aesthetics. But, if you go by the ‘Less is more’ motto, then you’d probably want to consider peculiar french accents like mirrors or traditional art pieces. Bring an effortless and functional edge to your furniture with the vintage furniture Parisian decor style.

Adding old art pieces as decor

From 19th-century paintings or sculptures to classic vintage chandeliers, you can add an art-deco edge to your interiors. The wall art, interior decor ideas, art pieces need not necessarily be traditional art-works. However, diy wall decor ideas for living room and additionally, you can try a DIY or source from local artists who share the same aesthetic.

Using golden metallic accents

Gilded frames over the marble fireplace mantel is a signature french interior look that you’d find in traditional french homes. You can use golden accented furniture to enhance the look of your interiors. You can also gilt (a technique of applying a thin layer of gold ) the metal surfaces of your furniture to give it a vintage Parisian vibe.

The key to instilling Parisian interior design in your home is less about trends and more about reliving the old-world charm. It is about taking heavy historic inspiration and blending it with your personal taste.

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