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6 Elementary Tips To Declutter Your Home

By Avani Muley | Updated March 26, 2022
6 Elementary Tips To Declutter Your Home

Dedicate spaces for everything

The key to decluttering your home office ideas is to keeping everything mindfully in its place. This is one habit that will take you a long way when it comes to organizing anything. Dedicating a space for everything will help you declutter your home. For example, creating a recycling bin for newspapers. Once, you’re done reading, ensure that you put the papers in the bin and take them out to recycle every 3 months. As you make space for anything new, consider labelling it. This way it is easier not to clutter & you will not forget where your things are placed.

Install floating shelves for storage

If you think you have limited space in your home, look again. A blank wall is a perfect opportunity to make more space by adding floating shelves. These make for an effective way of storage. You can use several different organizers with labels and utilise the extra space to organize your study room, laundry, home appliances in the kitchen and bedroom.

Floating wall shelves are a great way to add some storage and style to your living room. These shelves typically attach to the wall without touching it, creating an illusion that they are floating. It’s a simple design, but one that can really change up the look of your space!

Use floating shelves ideas living room is perfect if you live in an apartment and don’t want to drill holes through the walls or if you want something temporary while you’re waiting on renovations.

Utilise space using organizing bins

Stacking up things directly on shelves can be a bit space consuming and at one point in time, you’re bound to clutter. With dedicated decorative storage bins or containers, you can use space effectively to keep things out of plain sight. You can use these containers literally anywhere from drawers, wardrobe and even open shelves. In fact, using organizer bins in the pantry or your refrigerator is also possible.

Use shelf dividers to organize

Readjustable shelves are a blessing when organizing your wardrobe in a different way. But so many of us miss out on the opportunity while getting our furniture done. However, there’s a one-way out- closet shelf organizer. These are meant to effectively divide the unnecessary shelf gaps and make better space for you to stack your things like clothes, pots, dishes, etc.

Paint to elevate the look

Changing the colour of the backdrop elevates the entire look of your space. You can experiment with dark colours and even wallpapers depending on the kinds of space you are looking to organize. For example, if you are looking at an entire wall of open shelving, you can paint it the colour of your room to create an illusion of a spacier room.

Decorate well to avoid cluttering

If you invest time into decorating and personalizing your home, you will think twice before making a mess. No one wants to clutter up a pretty space. You can style your spaces with decor pieces like plants, hanging lights, flower vases, etc. Use quirky containers and label them to make your spaces look lively and chic.

Decluttering your entire house is a daunting task if considered all at once. So, it’s always best to start small and declutter your home one space at a time. For instance, organizing your desk over a weekend and then your dresser over another. Once you ensure that you have an organized system in place for the entire house, you’re all set. With a consistent effort, it will become a habit & you won’t have to worry about clutter in your home.

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