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Hygge Decor – For Home Interiors

By Avani Muley | Updated March 22, 2022
Hygge Decor – For Home Interiors

The word ‘Hygge’ literally signifies a feeling of comfort and contentment in a living environment. It came into light as an interior design trend in 2018 when the concept of Scandinavian design circled back in the scenario. If we were to describe Hygge as a feeling, it would be something like this. Imagine yourself curled up in a warm, cozy bed with fluffed up pillows, blankets and comforters with a cup of morning coffee and some breakfast. Sounds like an idealistic Sunday mood right? Well, that’s precisely what Hygge is. It’s a lifestyle choice that signifies comfort, warmth and enjoying things that make you happy.

Hygge is originally Danish and thus typically falls onto the spectrum of Scandinavian interior design concepts. It is extremely easy to adopt ‘Hygge Decor Living Room’ into your own home if you remember one simple rule- ‘Make your home appear cozy and welcoming’.

How to bring Hygge Decor in your home?

If you want to bring a comforting vibe into your home, there’s no better way to do it than Hygge. Here are some things you can add on to your shopping list to adopt this decor style of hygge design.

Loads of Pillows

There’s something comforting about pillows. Stack up on lots of them to elevate the comfort of your home. Whether it’s your bed or the couch, pillows and cushions will change the look of your room and make it look welcoming. Change your pillows and cushions based on the seasons. If it’s spring-summer, use cotton and linens and opt for wool and knits in cold. Wondering how many pillows are too many? Don’t. If your bed looks like it’s inviting you to sleep in all day in your sweats, you’re going just right.

Hygge Decor For Home Interiors
Stack Of Cozi Pillows To Boost The Comfort
Hygge Decor For Home Interiors
A Stack Of Pillows Makes a Bed The Place In The Whole House

Candles and Fireplaces

Scandi decor has its origins in really cold weather and thus involves fireplace and mantel design in homes. However, if you do not come from a drastically cold weathered city or country, you can focus on bringing in lots of candles, scented candles and candle holders into your living space. The idea behind fireplaces is to keep warm and enjoy yourself with friends and family in your home. Also, hygge candles are a crucial part of the hygge style.

Candles & Candle Holders
Dim Light From Candles That Creates a Perfect Atmosphere
Fireplace That Gives a Warmth Of Love That Can Be Ejoyed With Your Lovedone

Chunky Knits as Hygge Decor

Knits and woolens are also quite often a part of Hygge. So, think knitted blanket, comforters, rugs or even knit pillows. Again, since Hygge is influenced by cold weather. It focuses on warming the environment. But as the weather gets warmer, you can use knitted throws or even chunky knit pillows as a constant but can do away with the heavy-duty knits.

Throw Blankets

Throw blankets are a Hygge Decor favorite. The idea is to be comfortable wherever you sit. Curl up in your favorite armchair or the couch or even your reading corner with a book. With a throw blanket, you can get warm and cozy anywhere. Throw blankets are an amazing way to make a space look warm and inviting. A couch is just a couch unless you toss some pillows and a throw blanket, then you’ve got Hygge.

Warm drinks and comfort food

Hot drinks like coffee made from a coffee machine, hot cocoa, and even soup have great significance in the Hygge lifestyle. In fact, relaxing over a glass of wine or if you’re into mulled wine that works fine too! Like mentioned before, Hygge is all about reveling with your loved ones in and doing things that make you happy. What’s a better way to be happy than sharing a gracious meal on dining table with your family in the warmth of your home?

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