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‘House of the Designery’ is a home & lifestyle label. The brand offers bespoke pattern solutions for your home. House of the Designery collaborates with interior designers and home experts to bring the most eclectic prints on Wallpapers and Rugs. While their elementary focus lies on Home Decor, Wall Decor and interiors, they also impart prints on products of other industries. They believe in creating spaces that define beauty.

‘Prints & Patterns’ are Characteristically at the heart of this brand. The brand has a special affinity towards nature and florals which make their products all the more pleasing to the eyes. The fusion of their beautiful colors and prints can bring life into any room. The label is all about invigorating and breathing life into the spaces where ‘House of the Designery’ comes into play.

Here is an insight into the journey of Nikita Mehta Shah- Founder of ‘House of the Designery’, that will blossomy inspire you.

How did the idea of ‘House of the Designery’ come into being?

Nikita Mehta started her journey way back in 2007. She came across as a shy, naive girl when she began her internship at RMG David (An advertising firm). Similar to students on a one-month internship Nikita had a “let’s get this over with” attitude which inadvertently turned into the love of her life. She was to train on accounts and client relations but her inclination towards design drew her towards a different career path. She has been on this for 13 years now and there has been no looking back.

Nikita feels “Design has the power to reinforce the way you feel, function and react. I love how design allows one to attach their own tone of voice to it and make it a vibe that is truly theirs”.

She lay the foundation of a multi-disciplinary graphic design studio that ran for a decade. Then, with an elemental knowledge of design trends, color, form, and structure this studio effortlessly evolved into a Home & Lifestyle brand – ” House of the Designery”.

What makes ‘House of the Designery’ stand out from the rest?

“Our products characterize an inherent ‘design style’ that promises to make any room sing”, says Nikita. The freshness of her work is truly captivating. The state-of-the-art color palettes and prints inspired by nature and patterns around the world genuinely reflect her personality. “Interestingly our florals can never be found in nature. We give our own spin to our floral prints that make for powerful repeats”. Providing bespoke solutions to your abode, their innovative prints and patterns are definitely a class apart.

Tell us about your latest launch – “Bloomiage”, the capsule collection of rugs.

Bloomaige is inspired from Michael Garofalo’s quote:

‘The Force of Spring – mysterious, fecund, powerful beyond measure’.

The relentless power of spring and its ability to make the earth laugh has trickled down in the form of ‘botanical repertoires’ onto our collection of hand-crafted durries. Powerful floral patterns coupled with a palette comprising of pasturial greens & frivolous peaches lends a lyrical vibrancy to your space.

What is next on the cards for ‘House of the Designery’?

Taking life as it comes Nikita is optimistic of a blooming future for ‘House of the Designery’. She is looking forward to the new pattern collection that they are working on. She is also hopeful of giving the brand a stronger direction by planning the launch of more home décor accessories with distinct style and aesthetic.

If you are on the hunt for some eclectic and exclusive prints and patterns do visit https://www.houseofthedesignery.com/

Alluring Bespoke Wallpapers & bespoke Rugs @houseofthedesignery.

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