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Four Last-Minute Unique Diwali Gift Ideas

By Shabana Feroze | Updated January 27, 2022
Four Last-Minute Unique Diwali Gift Ideas

Diwali’s in a few days. And let’s face it. You don’t have enough gifts.

I get it. You were super busy. There’s always a million things to do around Diwali. You have to clean up and decorate your home, too. On top of that, Corona is such a damper on everything. It’s hard to go Diwali gift shopping.

Image by Bhupendra Singh on Pixabay

And you can’t get just anything as a Diwali gift. You don’t want your gift to be *shudder* passed on, do you?

No. You want your Diwali gift to be unique, memorable and fancy. And if you want your gift to be the best Diwali gift your family and friends received. You want them to love it and cherish it and display it in their homes forever.

Which is why in this article, I’ve listed four unique and useful Diwali gift ideas. I guarantee your friends and family will be saying “wow!” when they open your gifts.

And who knows, maybe I’ll tempt you to get some of these as a Diwali gift to yourself. I won’t judge.

Colourful Glass Vases

Glass vases make for the perfect addition to any room. You can keep them on a bedside table or on a coffee table in the middle of the living room. Or even in your bathroom for that luxurious five-star-hotel touch.

The best part is, vases are so multi-functional and vases can be displayed in creative ways . You can display fresh flowers, add a burst of colour with fake flowers, or my personal favourite- grow creepers like Pothos (money plant) in them.

But don’t be that bhabhi (or bhaiyya) who gifts an empty vase. Put some thought behind it. Pick a vase in a colour that’ll match their home decor. Get a vase in an unusual shape for your friends who are into modern art. Add fresh flowers before gifting it. Add a plant to your vase. Or gift a one-of-a-kind, hand-blown, Murano glass vase to be unforgettable.

Beautiful Quilts and Comforters

Winter is coming.

It’s time to get cosy. Why not gift your loved ones a quilt for their bed? It’ll be the perfect Diwali gift for that friend who always feels cold.

Not only will it change the look of their bedroom. But they’ll think of you every time they snuggle into their soft quilt. (Best not to gift it to that creepy uncle you don’t like. Him, you get a box of mithai. Laced with arsenic. I’m kidding.)

A cotton comforter that’s well-made, fluffy and big, ensures a great night’s sleep. You wake up feeling refreshed and happy. A baby comforter that doubles as a playmat makes the perfect gift for the little ones in the family.

Comforters nowadays come in a variety of colours, prints and textures. Floral, cotton, embroidered, or patchwork. You’re spoiled for choice. A pretty quilt is also the perfect Diwali gift from you to you. 😉

Victorian Photo Frames

Photo frames are so boring. And who prints and puts up photos nowadays, anyway? But during this Diwali, with a gift of Victorian photo frame set, your friends will rush to get their photos printed. Even in a lockdown.

Victorian style gets its inspiration from the Victorian era. This was the period of Queen Victoria’s rule from 1837 until 1901. Victorian home decor is ornate and opulent. Done right, it makes a space look rich and luxurious.

A Diwali gift of a Victorian set is perfect for that jethani who loves a touch of baroque. And because this is an article about last-minute Diwali gifts, a ready box set is a Godsend. You don’t have to spend time putting together separate pieces. Let’s face it, gifting one photo frame makes you look cheap.

Photo frames set of two with an adorable little vanity box and an ornate clock, in gold or pastel colours. Such a great addition to their bedside table or in the foyer. Add their Instagram selfie to the frame for that extra “ohmigod-you-didn’t!” squeal.

German Cuckoo Clocks

Another unique Diwali gift idea is a wooden cuckoo clock. I bet you’d be the only one who gifts such an iconic piece of artistry and mechanics.

The development of the cuckoo clock took place in the Black Forest area in southwestern Germany. In the late 17th century, many German farmers used logs from the forest to build cuckoo clocks. They did this to supplement their income during the winter months. To this day, Black Forest cuckoo clock makers preserve the rich history of the region, using the same means as their forbearers to hand carve cuckoo clocks known for their quality and craftsmanship.

Cuckoo clocks aren’t a device to tell the time. They’re wall art. They make a style statement. And who doesn’t love the little bird popping in and out?

And there’s so much variety! You can get antique cuckoo clocks with a classic design, or a more modern style with sleek lines and finish.

What’s more, you can find them in a huge assortment of designs – fairy tale designs, Swiss farms, dancing couples, musical ones, and others with animals like deers, squirrels and dogs. This one is a definite unforgettable Diwali gift!

You’ll soon be everyone’s favourite cousin/ niece/ nephew/ friend with these unique Diwali gift ideas. Everyone loves beautifying their homes during this festive season. So a breathtaking Diwali decorative item guarantees to make everyone happy.

The best part? You can order everything online. All you have to do is browse AllHomeLiving.com, choose your unique gift and sit back and relax with a box of soan papdi.

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