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e-Aesthete’s Happy Haven is True to its Name

By 21centuryweb | Updated January 18, 2022
e-Aesthete’s Happy Haven is True to its Name

An apartment is a type of independent housing unit made up of rooms. Historically, the term has been used to describe various private living spaces in the house in different cultures around the world which typically lack central heating, yet when apartments were separated for privacy, there was sometimes a smaller room called an oriel for a small kitchen area or quarters.

Eshita Marwah’s conceptualization, the Happy Haven is a 1700 square feet abode for a young couple in Surat. Breaking through walls and making enormous civil changes to revive and modernize this 25-year-old built apartment was an intriguing challenge for e-Aesthete.

The naturally lit Living and Dining Space with aesthetic furniture

An entrée into The Happy Haven

The entrance through the door which is a bright blue instantly sparks your mood inviting you to an open plan Dining and Living Room. The arduous civil changes by e-Aesthete have given the home a lavish appeal. The subtle integration of spaces with walnut wood finish, featuring eclectic furniture reflects style and comfort.

Coordinating Living and Dining Area
An asymmetric wooden table with elemental stools

It’s a tradition in many homes to have dining room furniture that can’t be moved from one space to another and decorations that are purely personal or family-given. The Dining Room features a beautiful Asymmetric wooden table with elemental stools. A wooden paneled window gives access to the kitchen in the vicinity. The living room coordinates with the dining owing to the pair of beautiful wooden folding chairs. The highlight of this home is the vibrant and rustic storage trunks utilized as decor pieces by Eshita Marwah. Painted in bold colors these trunks occupy different corners of the home and give the home a quirky charm.

The beautiful space curated by Eshita Marwah
The folding door is an alluring partition to the inner space

Set Foot Into The Inner Space

Having the wherewithal of an open plan layout the home features a huge folding door that connects to the other areas of the home. The kitchen is done in white with checkered walls, and an island table with high chairs for a quick breakfast or tea makes for a classic appeal.

Kitchen with island table
The kitchen island with bar chairs

The doors open up to a tastefully curated space with rustic and modern elements that blend in perfectly for a young couple. Accentuating the home are different styles of light fixtures in every space.

Alluring light fixture by e-Aesthete
Eclectic and vibrant trunks as home decor

The Lounge area captures sunlight in abundance. Dressed in neutral hues this space is marginally elevated from the rest. Floor seating with cushions elevates the comfort factor of this room making it the perfect space to relax and unwind watching your favorite Netflix series.

Naturally lit lounge area with full length curtains
The cushy and comfy Lounge Area

Remodeling the bathroom into a chic and elegant space with dull gold fittings and an overall marble finish has given the bathroom a royal touch.

A royal touch to the bathroom using marble and gold fittings
A royal touch to the bathroom with dull gold sanitary fittings.

e-aesthetes designs do not follow a particular style yet offer the best timeless aesthetic designs conforming to the requirements of the client. Loving the space? You can create your dream abode too by e-Aesthete.

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