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New Home Designing – Ideas to Begin with!

By 21centuryweb | Updated January 27, 2022
New Home Designing – Ideas to Begin with!

It is always exciting to design your dream house but it also turns out to be one of the most taxing tasks you have taken up. Every place you visit the only things you notice might probably be the wall color, the tiles and the décor. There are numerous things running in your mind and you don’t know where to begin. Deciding on whether you want to do everything yourself or hire an interior designer to do so, is another dilemma in itself. Your sense of styling and design, interior design ideas, budget constraints, time constraints are all factors to consider once you are at it. Whether it is you or the interior designer the ultimate look of the home decoration ideas is going to reflect YOUR personality so your inputs are key in the entire process of making your home.

Home-building process are the crucial ones


What do you begin with is one BIG question??? The best part about shifting to a new house decorating ideas is de-cluttering it is not just about getting rid of unwanted things but also keeping negativity at bay! So make sure you don’t bring along anything that is not required to your new house.

Bring only the necessary household things to your new home

Color Palette

Next thing to decide in designing your new home is the color palette. Choose a set of hues that you would like to play around with while designing your modern living room. This color scheme will help you decide your wall colors, your upholstery and will make buying furniture and décor simpler. Try not having too many colors. Any bright color you choose can be in the form of a wall paper, an art or just one bold colored wall. Experimentation is always welcome.

Creating your new home with a palette

Plan your rooms

Plan each room at a time! Go through home design magazines, pinterest and other websites to fetch ideas and make a collection of these so that you can show your designer or make your own selections of tiles, furniture, bathroom fittings based on these. Having your choices organized at one place will be of great help! (It could be cut outs or image folders in your laptop!)

Plan and design your room flawlessly


When it comes to the purchasing front, list down the essentials coz so many things will attract you when you are out in the market that buying all which pleases your eye will only end up cluttering your home. Also remember to decide on the must-haves and things that can be on the wait list (A sofa set might be a necessity but a rocking chair in the balcony can wait!) Furniture is going to last long so do not compromise on quality!

Incredible furniture design for your room


Now that you know your colors and your furniture the grand look depends on your choice of upholstery. You can keep it simple or bold. Play around with your color palette and make your rooms bright, lively and a complete joy to be in! The fabric, the print, the color are going to set your mood each day so make sure you select the best.

A warm colors that brighten your space


Finally it’s the little things that matter. Get your hands on unique home décor and accessories. A good lamp or pendant lights can instantly bring spark to a dull spot. Stylish vases with or without greens can add life to room corners. Tasteful wall art can do up your room like nothing else can. And my favorite has always been mirrors. Adding mirror elements to your room does not only add depth but brings in a lot of elegance and charm.

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And to bring out the best it is important to keep a minimalist approach. Do not add too many colors, too much print on tiles, excess of furniture or plenty of accessories. Anything too much is not too good and hinders the beauty of the house.

And as you are set to go a tip you would swear by: Make sure to get all the carpentry, flooring and tile work done before you move into your new house. If you think you can get it done while staying in, then you are inviting a hell lot of frustration!

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