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Mirror Mirror On The Wall – Placing mirrors the right way!

By 21centuryweb | Updated January 28, 2022
Mirror Mirror On The Wall – Placing mirrors the right way!

Yes! It is true that “Mirrors don’t lie!” I personally feel that they can create magic in a house. They bring a sense of depth, they reflect the beauty and elegance of the home without much effort. While a good amount of maintenance is required it is worth the efforts. They can intensify each space in your room when used appropriately. There are numerous designs and tremendous variations you’ll find. From edgy designs to classy antique ones to colored ones they have it all.


Use them as partitions at home. You could separate different areas of your house for privacy or beauty. Plain or Vintage Slabs or well-designed partitions can add beauty to a space. Also, separation of say dining area to the hall or bedrooms to your other rooms can be done effortlessly by using sliding mirror partitions. This avoids making the room look clumsy, adds on to the space, and also gives you privacy.

Most people want to decorate their bedrooms a certain way. Some their walls and hang some art on the wall, others prefer to cover their floors in pillows, and yet others still wish they could do something different with their walls. If you have a mirror in your bedroom, it can be difficult finding ways to decorate the rest of your room around it. With this mirror in bedroom ideas, create great value and you can get large decorative mirrors for the living room.


Another classic way to add grandeur to your rooms is by using mirrored furniture. Cupboard or side tables in your bedroom, console tables in your living area, or just a coffee table or center table can do the trick. And guess what? with this wall mirror decorating ideas its the biggest advantage of having modern living room ideas… it matches with any color wall, any color furniture. In short, no color coordination is required.

Mirror Décor

Beautifying your home with artifacts and other unique decorations is a key to achieving your dream home, the home that you had always visualized and fantasized. And these pieces reflect your style. You ought not to compromise on that! You can do this in more ways than one by simply using Venetian mirror, vintage, decals, and other mirror art deco. These can adorn your mirrors in living room, your dining area, your bedrooms and bathrooms

Mirror reflecting Dining for food and wealth enhancement

Reflect the right VASTU through your mirrors to enhance health and wealth:

  • It should not be placed in front of the entrance door as it reflects away the energy entering the house.
  • It should be avoided in the bedroom and if placed should not face the bed to maintain the good health of the inmates.
  • To double your wealth it is nice to have a mirror in front of your locker.
  • Another way of attracting food and wealth is by placing a mirror reflecting the dining table.

Eventually, it is important that the house looks eccentric and a happy environment is set in and I bet mirrors can do the MAGIC!!!

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