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Wall Mirrors

All Home Living sells a wide range of decorative wall mirrors to suit any taste or interior design. All of our wall mirrors have been handpicked to ensure we provide you with the best collection of luxurious mirror designs and accessories for your home. Hang them horizontally or vertically, our wall mirrors brighten up your space and let you check your look. Shop from the ⭐ Latest & Trendy Wall Mirror Collection Online. Explore our top categories!
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Exquisite Wall Mirrors for Exotic Interiors

Wall Mirrors are the easiest and most exotic way of decorating homes. No matter what is the size, color, shape, and location of your home, wall mirrors are an irreplaceable part of home décor. However, mirror shopping is a daunting task. With so many shapes, styles, and options, we all get baffled while deciding the best wall mirror for our home.

If you’re planning to transform your interiors or make some subtle changes to bring life to your old room, then a stunning wall mirror is all you need. All Home Living serves various options and designs of wall mirrors designed to suit all interiors and available in all shapes. From home to offices, these mirrors will enhance aesthetics in no time.

What are the different types of decorative wall mirrors?

There’s a lot to know about mirrors before buying them. Decorative wall mirrors reflect and brighten your room and also create an illusion of more space. You may hang a wall mirror or simply place it on the floor. You should buy a mirror according to your home decor and furniture requirements. However, it is essential we first know the different types of mirrors available.

  1. Wall Mirrors: Wall mirrors are typically the mirrors that are designed to be hung. These mirrors are available in many sizes and shapes. Wall mirrors are comparatively lighter because of hanging purposes. You’ll find many styles of wall mirrors to suit every room of your house.
  2. Dressing Mirrors: Dressing mirrors are generally attached to a table to form a complete dressing table. These mirrors are commonly used for wardrobe or dressing room purposes like gym wall mirrors. Dressing mirrors can be hung, attached, or freestanding.
  3. Full Wall Mirrors or Freestanding Mirrors: Freestanding mirrors are generally long and narrow. These are designed to give a full-length reflection. These mirrors do not necessarily need to be wall-mounted. You may simply hang them or let them stand free.

Buying Mirror Online from All Home Living

Choose from our range of Decorative Wall Mirrors for Fascinating Interior Spaces. Bring the ‘larger than life feels to your rooms by using beautiful mirror designs. With modern wall mirror decorating ideas all over online, you can use mirrors in a stylish way to add up space to your room.

We are the leading providers of Wall Mirrors online in India. Our Venetian designed mirrors, metal wall mirrors, and framed mirrors are artsy pieces that are a striking feature of any room they are placed in. Check out our wall mirror design for living room online store for other home decorative pieces, mirrored furniture, Mural Painting, beddings, lamps, and other gift options.

Customization & Ideas for Buying Wall Mirrors

All Home Living not only offers mirrors in all shapes and sizes but we also customize them to fit the requirement of your homes and rooms. Full length mirrors for your dining room, mirrors in the round and rectangle forms for your bathroom, or simply decorative wall accents for your living room All Home Living has all the options to choose from.

Placement of mirrors is also an important aspect and our stylists help you with some great ideas for doing it right. Check out our mirror blog for more ideas. Apart from adding space large mirrors add lighting to a room when positioned right.

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Selection of Wall Mirror for your Rooms

Each room in the house demands a different style of mirror. Here are a few recommendations on making a selection for wall mirrors in the house.

  1. Living Room Mirror

  2. A Mirror in the Living Room calls for more style than functionality. Designer Venetian Mirrors work best for the Living Room. The intricate mirror design assures a second look. Metal Mirrors are also a good choice for decorating your Living Room walls. These Mirrors are purely meant for sophistication. And coupling two or more living room wall mirrors would enhance the look further.

  3. Mirror for Dining Room

  4. Similar to the Living Room, Dining Rooms also adjure the elegant look. But adding a mirror reflecting the entire Dining Table is a good omen. According to Vaastu when the mirror reflects your food then there is an abundance of health and wealth in the house. Full-Length Mirrors in the horizontal Direction, Mirrors covering the entire wall, or clubbing multiple mirrors together is the right choice for your Dining Room.

  5. Bedroom or Dressing Table Mirror

  6. A Bedroom Mirror has got to do with both style and functionality. A Mirror at your Dressing Table needs to be voguish and serve the purpose of Dressing up. The best choice would certainly be a full-length one to get a head-to-toe image of yourself. A dressing table wall mirror with lights that gives you a close look at yourself and your make-up is the ideal choice.

  7. Bathroom Mirror

  8. This one happens to be the most essential of the lot. You ought to have a nice, wide, and cleanbathroom mirror. You could go for a minimalist style here or you can keep it grand with the Venetian styles.

How to choose and use wall mirrors?

There are five main factors that you should go through before selecting a mirror for your home. These include:

  1. Purpose: First, you need to know why you need a mirror. Your mirror can increase aesthetics, create an illusion of expanded space, or reflect some special part of your home. People may even use oversized wall mirrors to give a bohemian style. Your purpose will determine what type of mirror you should choose.
  2. Size of the mirror: Once you know the purpose of hanging a wall mirror, you now need to decide the size of the mirror. For instance, a gym wall mirror would be large-sized, a bathroom wall mirror would be moderate-sized, and a Target wall mirror will vary in size.
  3. Shape: The shape of the mirror is completely your choice. You can check the latest trends and choose a mirror accordingly. There are different shapes of mirrors available in the market like an oval shape mirror, round mirror, and square mirror, etc.
  4. Style: Once you’ve decided all the factors, you can choose the style of wall mirror you want. It can be a large wall mirror, small wall mirror, antique wall mirror, etc.
  5. Budget: Budget plays a crucial role in choosing a mirror. You can select cheap wall mirrors or expensive wall mirrors, depending on your budget.


Q: What are the different types of Wall Mirrors?

A: There is notably a wide range of wall mirror ideas to choose from and shape is a focal aspect. We have full-length wall mirrors, abstract shape mirrors, oval mirrors, rectangular wall mirrors, perfect square mirrors, and round mirrors.

Q: What are the Things to Consider while Buying a Wall Mirror?

A: Size is one of the main things to consider when choosing a modern wall mirror design. How large do want your mirror? A full-length mirror would show your whole body without you having to mind the distance you keep. Nevertheless, the available space to hung the mirror also dictates the shape of your mirror. Would a rectangular or circular wall mirror fit best in the space you have? Besides, if you want something eye-catching then go for an unusual shape but mind the room’s theme and color.

Q: Why do Framed Wall Mirrors differ a lot in Price?

A: A framed mirror comes with a protector around the edges. The huge variations in cost can be influenced by the type of material, size, and finish. For instance, a mirror made of an ornate composite frame would be pricier than a common wood frame. On the other hand, antiquing or hand-leafing finishes would be time-consuming thus cost a bit higher.

Q: Is there a difference between Carved Wood and Molded Mirror Frame?

A: Take a damp cloth, stick it to one side and move the cloth in a zig-zag motion, from top to bottom. Check for any left-out spots and repeat the same method.

Q: How to clean large wall mirrors?

A: A curved or wooden wall mirror design is done by a wood artist, mostly by hand. However, technology has eased things and now we have polyurethane frames that look exactly like wood, without really hiking the mirror’s price. That is, whatever frame impresses you, the varnish done on it should be a high-end finish, to ensure it looks great on your wall.

Q: How to install wall mirrors for the home?

A: First, mark a spot where you want to hang the mirror. Drill a hole into the wall, insert a rawl plug, and screw. You may also hammer nails into the wall and hang your mirror.

Q: How Do you Know a Good Quality Mirror?

A: The quality of sheet glass used in a mirror is the first aspect to consider when analyzing a wall mirror design. Although mirrors are generally brittle, the material used on the sheet glass should be hard to break and the glass should be considerably thick. Also, the reflective coat of your bedroom wall mirror should be of prime quality as this is what turns the glass sheet into the mirror it is.

Q: Are Expensive Mirrors Worth it?

A: The reason why a wall mirror would be expensive than another is quality. That is, pricier mirrors are built with high-quality or premium-grade glass sheets. High-end mirrors are also free from spots, distortions, and bumps. Some living room wall mirrors would also have a silver coating on the frames and back, making them more decorative on the wall. In other words, a mirror that has all the reasons to be expensive is worth it.

Q: Where to buy cheap wall mirrors?

A: You can buy cheap wall mirrors in both online and offline stores. All Home Living has a wide range of wall mirrors, and you can choose a mirror that suits your budget.

Q: Where to buy wall mirrors?

A: You can buy wall mirrors online or offline. If you wish to choose from a wide variety of mirrors in different shapes and styles, then All Home Living has some amazing wall mirrors for you.

Final Words

Floor mirrors are big and have a bigger footprint, therefore, you should use a floor mirror only if you have bigger rooms. Wall mirrors look great in rooms of all shapes and sizes. Wall mirrors are simply mounted on walls and do not take up any extra floor space. If you’re lacking floor space, then wall mirrors are the best option for you.

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