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What Is Biophilic Design & How To Use It In Your Home

By Avani Muley | Updated February 22, 2022
What Is Biophilic Design & How To Use It In Your Home

Biophilic Design – one of the most spoken about trend of 2022 in architecture. It is known for the fact that it will bring you closer to nature. Read our blog to know everything about this trend and how to incorporate ‘Biophilia’ in your home.

Biophilic Design aka organic architecture is a concept used to incorporate actual nature or elements of nature into your home design or architecture. The concept has gained popularity in the previous year and continues to go headstrong in 2022 with more innovation and more people being aware and willing to practice it. The central idea of the concept is to increase human connection to nature and everything organic.

All of these combined with an aesthetic appeal will bring Biophilia in your home. It is all about finding a balance and harmony between human civilization and nature. Biophilic architecture is the design of buildings and other human-made environments to mimic nature, and may promote well-being, health, and healing. After all, Biophilia literally means love for nature. You can take the following simple steps to bring it into your home or office space.

Using natural light and surroundings

One of the primmest rules of biophilic design is, letting in natural light. So keeping windows clean, transparent and unobstructed is key. It increases your scope to connect with nature. You can be connected to the nature outside even by being indoor.

Bringing the greens indoor for Biophilia

Another one is, bringing indoor plants into the decor. Introduce plants as centerpieces for islands or living rooms or you can even hang plants by the ceiling. We know, that to bring plants indoors is a big responsibility for people who have kids and pets. But you can baby-proof or pet-proof by putting your greens out of infant accessibility and hoping your pet is indifferent if not loving to the idea of plants indoors!

Over-sized plants are the season’s favorite trend. So, you can experiment Biophilia with that if you are okay to risk with maximal elements in home decor.

Greens indoors

Small efforts bigger impact

Vertical gardens for your foyer or office entrance are also a great way to create emphasis in the area. It can be as simple as bringing plants indoor as part of your decor or designing a garden space in your empty terrace area or even planting a kitchen garden. Adding succulents and quirky planters all over the house can add a biophilic character and freshness in your decor.

Vertical gardens

Adding natural colours and textures

An impressive way to up your nature-friendly biophilic decor game is to choose colors that are close to nature. These have calming effects, like greens and blues. The idea is to keep it fresh without too much effort. Textures that are earthy are always a great way to turn what is plain into distinct. For example, you can add a woody texture into the walls by adding some wood dust into the mix, with your interior designer’s help of course! You can even opt for a less intense method by adding textured wallpapers or even printed ones that signify your love for nature. Another great way to add earthy tones and textures is targeting the upholstery of your furniture and even pillow covers, bedspreads, curtains and duvets.

natural colours and textures

Biophilia interior design is gaining popularity as a way to produce healthy and aesthetically pleasant interior spaces. Biophilia in architecture is beginning to take the world of interior design by storm, with fresh, living flora, less exposure to air pollution, and rapid access to natural light at the flip of a switch.

Beside the aesthetic factor, biophilia also has functional and health-related advantages. It is proven that the air inside is your home is equally contaminated and polluted, if not more than outdoors. Welcoming plants indoors for whatever reason can be a great way to your home to be fresh and the air you breathe to be pure and healthy.

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