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Table Decor

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Revamp Interiors with Exquisite Table Décor Items

Every home has basic to exquisite furniture. However, what makes one home better than the other is the home décor. Your furniture fills the space in the rooms, but style is added with décor ideas for home.

Decorating your home can be an arduous task with so many products available online. We know home is a vast area to decorate, so we have divided it into various elements. One furniture item that every household has is tables. Not even one, but many different styles of tables are there in every home. You might feel confused about decorating a table for home. Worry not! We have some unique table décor ideas for your home.

Different Types of Table Décor Ideas

Your home must be filled with tables of different utilities. Each table has its function and placement. Let us look at table décor ideas for different tables at home.

Dining Table Décor: The dining table is the most used table of home. You sit two to three times at the dining table to have your meals. Although the dining table is filled with dishes and food, dining table décor is necessary. You can keep the décor simple yet classy with modern flower vases. You can also decorate the dining table with elegant crockery or fruit baskets.
Center Table Décor: The center table is placed right in the middle of the living room. Your sofas face the center table, and so does each of your guests. Since all the eyes are on the center table, it needs a classy décor. You can decorate center table with scented candles or fresh flowers in designer trays. You can also add a theme décor like Bohemian or traditional.
Side Table Décor: Side tables are not very visible unless they are decorated to catch attention. You can decorate side tables with glass flower vases that are tall in size. Tall vases look sleek and elegant. You can also add indoor plants on the side tables.
Bedside Table Décor: A bedside table is cute and small. These tables are generally used to keep small daily utilities, but you can always decorate these tables. You can place photo frames and pictures of your loved ones beside your bed. 
Corner Table Décor: You might think that corner tables hardly catch any attention, but these tables are never overlooked. You should decorate corner tables with unique showpieces and table décor items. It can be traditional art or fresh plants.

5 Top Table Décor Ideas

Some table décor items you must have are:

Flower Vases: No matter what style of interiors you have, one item that goes with every interior is a flower vase. A flower vase looks great in any room of the home. Table decoration with flowers is trendy and classic. It is also one of the easiest ways of decorating your home. All Home Living has some modern flower vases for your home.
Showpieces: Most homes today are designed based on some theme. Be it traditional or western, a theme-based interior requires special table décor items. Showpieces that give a specific appeal look great in the home. You can select showpieces that match your interiors and furniture. For instance, vintage candle stands or unique glass pieces.
Photo Frames Set: A photo frame set on the side table looks amazing. You can always create a family photo theme or childhood theme in these photo frames. It is a simple yet attractive way of decorating a table. It can also be used for special event décors like table décor for weddings or birthdays. 
Trays & Boxes: All Home Living has a variety of trays and boxes that look stunning on any table. These are designed to decorate any room of your home. Modern and sleek glass trays can be used in many different ways to decorate your home.


Q: 1. How to decorate study table? 
A: Study tables can sound boring and might even look boring if not decorated. You don’t have to overdo your study table decor, but minimal décor looks great and lifts your mood. You can add small planters or cute photo frame sets to your study table. Keep it minimal and not distracting.

Q: 2. How can I decorate my living room table?
A: The center table of your living room is the primary element. Everyone faces the table, and it must be decorated beautifully. You can decorate living room table with flower vases and fresh flowers. You may even put some traditional or bohemian showpieces to enhance the interiors.

Q: 3. What do you keep on a center table?
A: You can decorate center table with fresh flower vases and showpieces. All Home Living has some stunning trays and boxes to decorate center tables. You can choose the one you love the most.

Q: 4. What do you put on a dining table when not in use?
A: Dining tables are big and often look empty if not decorated properly. You can do dining table decor, even if you use or don’t use it. A dining table can be decorated with big and beautiful flower vases. You may also decorate dining table with fruit baskets or decorative trays. Some traditional showpieces also look great on the dining table.

Q: 5. What should be on a bedroom side table?
A: A bedside table is generally small and cannot accommodate a lot of things. However, you can decorate the table with the photos of your loved ones in designer photo frame sets. You may also place a lush green indoor planter for freshness.

Overall Outlook

Table décor is not only fun but also necessary. Your tables look double gorgeous when decorated with designer and elegant showpieces and vases. You can find many table décor items at All Home Living. Happy Decorating!

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