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Give Your Dining Room a Facelift With These Top Tips

By Shabana Feroze | Updated August 16, 2021
Give Your Dining Room a Facelift With These Top Tips

A few simple things can transform your dining area.

Your dining room is one of the most important spaces in your home. It’s where the family gathers to enjoy a good meal. Everyone catches up on each other’s day. You talk, you laugh, you make memories. It’s the one place that the entire family uses the most.

We asked our interior design experts on how you could make this all-important dining room look and feel happier. Here are their top tips, so give your dining room a facelift. Sharing with you a few dining decor ideas.

Your Dining Room walls

Let’s begin with your walls. You can choose to paint them in soothing colours of muted orange, deep red sage green or yellow. These colours enhance the appetite and are calming. On top of these warm colours, hang prints or paintings of fruits and vegetables. This will enhance that tranquil vibe and bring a wholesome feel. As this is where you eat, make sure the dining area wall decor makes you relaxed.

The Dining Table and chairs

Make sure your dining table is perfect for your room, and for those who use it on a daily basis. A dining table that’s too small will feel frustrating. In the same way, make sure your chairs are comfortable. Your family members need their own space to relax and enjoy their meal. If the chairs are too close to each other, family members may feel stressed and bicker as their elbows knock against each other. If you really want to set yourself apart, consider mirrored dining room furniture.

Storage that looks beautiful

Lastly, you’ll need a smaller table on the side of the dining table. Cabinets and cupboards where you can store items like table mats and cutlery. A console table or chest of drawers will also work here. Or a crockery table that has both storage and display cabinets. Our suggestion? Make it mirrored! It’ll be unique, beautiful, and add depth to the dining room.

Don’t forget the lights!

We’re not done yet! A lot of people forget about the lighting in the dining room. But this could make the biggest difference in the ambience of the design of the dining area. Choose to make the room look super gorgeous with colourful hanging pendant lights. You can install them directly over the dining table. With warm light from coloured glass suffusing the space, your dining room design will look cozy and soothing.

Follow these and Give Your Dining room a Facelift, and soon enough, you’ll have a dining area that’s better than the best fine dining restaurant. Don’t forget to browse our collection of exquisite mirror furniture. Made in India, delivered all over India.

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