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Scandinavian Design Inspiration for Home Interiors

By Avani Muley | Updated March 15, 2022
Scandinavian Design Inspiration for Home Interiors

Scandinavian design is all about the modernistic approach to interiors that reflects simplicity & functionality. Originated between the 40s and 50s, the Scandinavian design movement was brought to light between the 90s and 2000s with the focus on sustainability and utilitarian design. Scandinavia collectively refers to the Nordic (north-European) countries, namely- Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland. The Scandinavian style gives more importance to functionality over heavily decorated designs due to the harsh winter climates.

Exorbitant use of natural light & white walls

The Scandinavian aesthetic is primarily identified with the excessive use of whites throughout the house. It is mainly to create a brighter interior by reflecting the available natural light. It also creates an illusion of a larger and spacious home. Besides, the use of white also emphasizes minimalism and simplicity which is at the core of the Scandinavian design.

Decluttered but cosy spaces

With a notably utilitarian approach, the Scandi style focuses on limited decor elements. As a result, the spaces look exceptionally decluttered. The idea is to create an impression of a larger space. It is noticeable that Scandinavian interiors also have an abundance of space between elements. And that allows a lot of move-around space.

Remarkably functional furniture

You would generally notice that the furniture used in Nordic designs is not heavy-duty. It appears light-weight, is easily manageable and occupies the minimum area which gives a clutter-free impression. The furniture is generally wooden and has a raw, textured look. This is also an interesting way to introduce texture into minimal spaces. Nordic style avoids the use of the wall to wall rugs, in fact, smaller warm plush rugs are generally seen only in the lounging areas.

Raw finishes and natural influences

The nordic style influence brings a lot of raw and natural aesthetics to home. The design style is more about revelling and glorifying the bare minimum. You would most commonly see the signature raw finished brick walls in Scandi homes. The wood used in the furniture also exhibits a raw unfinished look for the same reason. The flooring uses pure wood or wood tecture carpets to be cost-effective.

Minimalist design

Scandinavian home decor bring an overall minimalist look in almost everything. Right from the use of colours, textures, furniture, fixtures to even decor pieces. They go by the less is more ideology and keep it simple which is what modern homes are all about!

It is easily possible to pick at least some tips to bring in Scandi influences into our homes if not all. It is also a sustainable approach to living and is sure to go a long way due to the minimum use of resources required in the interiors of a home. We love it, all in all! What about you?

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