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4 Ways To Spruce Up Your Bathroom Walls

By Farida Khanbhadur | Updated March 15, 2022
4 Ways To Spruce Up Your Bathroom Walls

A well-designed bathroom gives you something to wake up to every morning. Oftentimes, the bathroom designs you’d see in homes are really simple and boring. While in fact, they should be more personal and stylized to your tastes. Small modern bathroom ideas are a great way to transform your space. If you’re facing the enigma on how to make your bathrooms more interesting, we have some notes for you.

Using patterned or textured wallpapers

Wallpapers and wall arts are a great choice for bathroom walls owing to their functionality. A collection of stunning art for bathroom walls that will inspire you. Vinyl wallpapers are the easiest and most cost-effective way to change the look of your bathroom. You can opt for various textures or patterns to break the monotony of your bathroom colours. You can bring in your personal style with the choice of your wallpaper. They emit radiance and standout effectively without the use of much artificial light.

With vinyl wallpapers, you have an abundance of options. But you also need to ensure that the option you pick is waterproof so that it doesn’t peel off due to moisture.

Tiling your Bathroom walls

Tiling is expensive because it requires extra time, added labour cost and is one of the most expensive aspects in interior design of the entire home decor. But if you have no budget constraints, you can go all out as it also draws the finest results. Tilling on flooring and even along the side walls can give a lavish & mesmeric look to your bathroom. Mixing up the use of different shaped or coloured or textured tiles can really bring out the appeal and appear to be a smart design choice.

Introducing PVC panelboards

Panelboards are used to add an extra layer to your walls. When used in homes, they give off a traditional western look. If you wish to get a simplistic vibe, you can paint your bathroom wall decor a certain bright or dark colour and then install PVC panelboards along your floor lines. The panel boards cover the walls from the floor niches up to your hip level. They’re generally used to give a clean and conventional look to your home interiors.

Bathroom wall painting

Painting the walls is a timeless technique of upgrading the look of any wall. You can choose whether you want a professionally painted wall or even hand paint it by yourself. A painting job is obviously less expensive when compared to tiling the walls. But you can even make this a fun DIY home project given that you get the finishing right. Ensure that the paint and finish you will use are waterproof so that the paint does not wear off due to moisture.

You can even opt for vinyl sticker wall art if you’re not looking for a permanent change in the walls.

The most important factors that come into play while doing the walls of a bathroom is keeping it minimalistic and clean to not overwhelm yourself with the loudness of imbalanced colours, textures and fixtures. Keep in mind the bathroom is where your mind and body restores calm and refreshes to start a new day. And you should be good to go!

Adding Exclusive Mirror On wall

Modern Mirror

Mirrors have always been an essential part of a bathroom. You can think of the best mirror decor ideas and add a mirror according to the interiors of a bathroom. If you have a modern bathroom, add a modern mirror. Do you believe in minimalism and simple bathrooms ? then you can go in for a minimalistic or simple mirror. If you are having a vintage or a venetian look bathroom, you can add an eclips wall mirror or a venetian mirror. So get ready to spruce up your bathroom mirrors now with exclusive decorative wall mirrors available online.

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