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How to Design an Evergreen Kids Room

How to Design an Evergreen Kids Room

Creative Kids Room

Designing a kid’s room is the most fun yet challenging part of doing the house interiors. Taking into account their ideas, likes, dislikes, along with the longevity of the design will help you come down to reasonable budget options.

Picking the right colors

Use vibrant and playful colors while designing for pre-teens or younger kids room. Colors like red, blue & yellow, or tones like orange and violet reflect energy in your kids room. If you do not wish to go bright on the walls, you can keep it neutral and experiment with colors while picking your furniture pieces. Picking the perfect color scheme is important from a long term perspective. Your kid is not going to enjoy living in a bright yellow setup throughout his life. When it comes to using darker shades on walls, it makes renovating a more difficult task.

Kids room storage

Kids tend to have a lot of belongings including clothes, toys, study material, the list is endless. Thus,for designing a kid’s room needs a fair amount of storage to organize and keep the room clutter-free at all times. Dedicated organizers in and out of the wardrobe, is something that we strongly recommend. Also, with kids’ clothing, shelving is the perfect way of storage with minimum hanging space.

Creative Walls

A kid’s room wall is expected to be full of drama so you can experiment with fun wallpapers, bright color paints, wall decals, etc.while designing the kids room. Get a look that your child would fall in love with. You can even go for quirky wall art to add some texture & character to the walls. While picking paints for the kids’ room, it is important to consider the utility just as much as the finish. For example, in younger kids, the walls are prone to staining due to spillage. You can, therefore, go for a wipe-off matte finish which allows you to wipe clean any form of stains. Chalkboard paint finish can also be used on a wall surface to create an impression of a board where kids can write, draw or get artsy. There is also the magnetic wall paint that has micro pieces of metal. When applied to a surface, it turns into a magnetic board!

Childproofing the floor

Carpeting the floor can be a smart choice while designing for the kids’ room as it gives a sense of comfort, warmth in cold weather and it prevents getting hurt from falls. You can even add rugs onto the flooring for an extra layer of comfort and warmth. Nowadays, it’s easier to find rugs that are low maintenance and easy to clean. Rubber-backed rugs are a great option to avoid accidents during playtime.

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Comfortable bedding and quilts

Getting the right type of bedding that will suit your child’s needs are important. After all, resting well is also a key part of growing up. If you’re looking at a long-haul option for kids under 10 years, a full-size single bed can be perfect as it does not need fundamental updates for years. If your child is a pre-teen, you can consider getting a double bed considering the size of the room. It is a durable option for years to come and saves up on a lot of future costs. Quilts add a fun element to the bedding, not to mention the comfort in which your child can snuggle on cold nights.

There are several factors that make a well-designed kids room, but the keys to consider are comfort, durability, low maintenance and functionality of the room along with the enlisted elements that set the foundation while building a kid’s room.

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