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Underwater Restaurant – A Global Architectural Attraction

By Avani Muley | Updated February 12, 2022
Underwater Restaurant – A Global Architectural Attraction

‘Under’ is located in Lindesnes, Norway. It is Europe’s first and the world’s largest underwater restaurant. It owes its exotic design to Snohetta, the Norwegian architecture company.

An absolute architectural marvel, ‘Under’ is located at the southernmost point of the Norwegian coastline. Submerged half underwater, it is a 34-meter long, enormous structure. It is designed consciously to withstand the pressure and shock from the rugged conditions of the sea. The form of the structure sits five meters underwater, directly at the sea bed. The massive acrylic windows, open the restaurant to the view of the sea, allowing the patrons to experience the Norwegian coastal ecosystem, as they relish their dining experience!

Georgia Aquarium the largest Aquarium in the world. The Aquarium of the Pacific is home to diverse marine life including playful Sea Lions, majestic Sea Otters, colorful tropical fish, giant jellyfish and etc. Under, not only offers a fine dining experience but is also an attraction for marine biologists, who seek to explore the North Atlantic marine life and also to the architecture loving spectators.

The restaurant is built with a sensitive consideration to the neighboring Atlantic marine life, in efforts to co-exist in harmony with nature. The rough finish of the concrete shell, will work as an artificial reef, and promises to be inviting to the aquatic life to inhabit over time. The view changes with seasons, and as the weather conditions manifest.

Lindesnes has extreme weather conditions, it faces swiveling forces of nature and varies between calm to stormy all within a day. The architecture of Under is made such that, when you enter the site, your notion of the intense weather and surroundings are all put to rest. You can walk through the peaceful oak-clad interiors, that lead one into the restaurant.

Under is all about the journey from land to sea. So, a metaphorical design is given to its interiors. As one steps into the structure, the textile-clad ceiling panels reference colors of the sunset which slowly transition into the warm and welcoming sea-green interiors of the underwater restaurant, instilling mystery among the patrons.

Add on this lovely destination to your bucket list and enjoy the breath-taking dining experience

Europe’s First Underwater Restaurant

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