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Classic Blue for Your Homes – Pantone Color Of The Year

Classic Blue for Your Homes – Pantone Color Of The Year

Classic Blue Interiors

Pantone released its color of the year 2020 and it’s our forever favorite – Classic Blue. This mind-calming hue of blue is quite a refreshing change from the vibrant coral and the ravishing ultra-violet from the year before that. What can we say, the times are such, where mankind needs to be reminded to be at peace and bring back optimism to life. However, it can be a bit striking & overwhelming for some, unless it is used smartly. So, we’ve got some advice on ways you can adopt this color in your home interiors.

Feature Walls

Feature walls are a classic way to draw attention to certain spaces in your home. Be it one of the walls in the living room, or the end of the lobby, or the wall of your dresser, or the wall above your headboard, you can smear the classic shade all over. You can support it with contrasting or monochromatic accents or furniture. Another very interesting way to go for it is by adding texture or architectural details to the feature wall. 

Using wallpapers can also be a fun and playful way of elevating the look of an otherwise dull painted wall.

Statement Furniture pieces

If you don’t prefer making, as heavy an effort as changing up an entire wall, or the look of a certain room and still want to bring in a refreshing change to the interiors, changing up your furniture can be a great and more subtle alternative. With furniture, you can decide from something as small as an ottoman or puffy, to a study chair, to recliners or even a couch. These can be added in the classic blue shade to give a high contrast to pale white walls. This can also be done by changing the upholstery of an existing piece of furniture or adding smaller pieces of furniture that will add a unique character, and speak of your design taste.

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Decor accents

A much smarter way is, to add small styling details in the form of home decor pieces that go by the classic blue shade. For instance, glassware, vases, carpets, paintings, flowers, cushions, wall art, table runners, etc. This helps to add subtle references than just making your decor spree look like a color scheme swap. One can also use tiling in classic blue to add a dramatic & thoughtful effect to a certain space. If you’re still a fan of open shelving and prefer to keep your crockery on display, you can utilize classic blue porcelain as potpourri bowls or organizing trays too. Adding classic blue decor accents is the easiest and most subtle way to incorporate this cool color into your home.

While classic blue is known for its properties of inducing tranquility, trust and instilling confidence among people, it reminds us of the evening sky. It is a color one can go for, when in absolute doubt.  Who can ever go wrong with black, white or classic blue?

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