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6 Vintage Home Decor Picks for That Retro Throwback

By Shabana Feroze | Updated January 20, 2022
6 Vintage Home Decor Picks for That Retro Throwback

Find comfort in nostalgia with these classic pieces.

Retro home decor is a throwback to the vintage christmas decorations 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s. It’s charming and gives you a sense of comfort because of the nostalgia factor. The same can be said for traditional home decor.

Furniture made from real wood and bamboo, thick rugs and pretty prints. It’s granny chic at it’s best. If you’re one of those who loves retro, vintage and traditional interior design styles, and want to know where to get it in India, read on. Because in this article, we’re rounding up the best vintage pieces and home decor items at All Home Living all the products are available online.

So here are 6 vintage home decor picks for that retro throw back.

Green Traditional Floral Bedspread


Geometric patterns, delicate floral wreaths and patterns, in soothing colours of sage and olive green. Not to mention the texture in the fabric. This Quilting Tree bedspread is the perfect way to add nostalgia to your bedroom.

GPO Retro Union Jack Telephone


Nothing more retro living room than an old-fashioned telephone! And to set it apart, it’s in a Union Jack design. In a gorgeous matt rubberised finish, this phone is fully functional. Your guests won’t be able to stop oohing and aahing over this.

Karios Classic Cuckoo Clock


Cuckoo clocks are not just enchanting, they’re traditional at its best because of two factors- the handcrafting, and the wood. The Karios Classic Cuckoo Clock is in a traditional design with four performers rotating to music, under the bird house. The cuckoo pops out every hour. This one’s a masterpiece from the Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks collection at AHL.

Dubai Mirrored Wardrobe


Don’t be fooled by its name. The Dubai Mirrored Wardrobe from Ozel Homes is featured here because of its solid build and classic Arabic motifs. The design is classic- with two doors and four big drawers underneath.

Gatsby Etched Mirrored Chest


Add a touch of the Roaring 20s and the Jazz Age with the Gatsby mirrored chest of drawers. The drawers are encased in shimmering mirror accented with black wooden corners. Each mirror panel features an etched triangle giving this mirrored chest a classic 20s art deco appearance.

GPO Attaché – Briefcase Record Player


Hey, it’s not retro unless there’s leather and vinyl records in your living room, right? This record player has a beautiful leatherette finish with retro metal corner protectors. The briefcase style gives it a dapper look while keeping it lightweight.The best part? It includes a USB stick so you can record all your vinyl records to a digital format.

That was a roundup of all our 6 vintage home decor picks in retro decor items. Pick a few of these to sprinkle around your home. Or pick all of these to add those comfy vintage vibes to your interiors. And let us know what your favourite pieces are in the comments below.

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