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Retro Telephones for a Vintage Look

Vintage telephones enhance the grace of every home. Not only telephones are an essential item for home, but also give a truly retro look. A telephone for home can be placed wherever you feel it looks best and is easily accessible.

Retro look telephones have a subtle charm that makes them a perfect showpiece. Telephones also work as a vintage accessory to your home or office. There are many telephones available online and offline these days. If you love old and beautiful things, then vintage telephones are all you need.

Different Types of Vintage Telephones

  1. Classic Landline Style Telephone
  2. Vintage telephones have a simple nature and use. They bring retro appeal to your rooms and match well with the interiors. These telephones have easy to read and dial numbers. The classic block-style dial pad adds a vintage feel. Some phones also have a light-up feature while ringing. These telephones are neither too big nor too small and make minimal space wherever they are placed. Moreover, the classic landline-style telephones are available at reasonable prices. So, if you are planning on buying a vintage telephone, you should go for this one.

  3. Vintage Rotary Dial Telephone
  4. When we talk about vintage phones, we can never forget the old-school vintage rotary phones. These old-fashioned phones sit perfectly in hallways or living rooms. There is a different pleasure in dialing a number on the rotary keypad. The memories of growing up will spark when you will use the rotary dial. These telephones catch the attention of anyone who visits your home. They also come with many features like built-in speakers and redial function. All Home Living has rotary dial telephones in many colors and designs.

  5. Antique Wall-Mounted Telephone
  6. You can find many phones that sit on the desk or in the hallway cabinet. These phones look amazing and enhance the retro appeal. However, a vintage phone that hangs on the wall gives an even more vintage appeal. These wall-mounted telephones bring the 1920s style to your home. You can find these phones in many styles and colors. The best thing about wall-mounted phones is that they do not take any extra space. These telephones fit snugly on the wall and add a retro feel. You can place these telephones in the kitchen or hallways. Also, the telephones ring loud and can be heard from every corner of the house like the GPO 746 Retro Wall Phone.

  7. Push Button Telephone
  8. Push-button telephones are simple yet stylish. They are easy to use and bring a vintage feel to them. Push-button telephones can be wall-mounted or shelf phones. In both cases, the functionality of the telephones is in advance. These phones are long enough hardwired and can be heard from anywhere in the home. These phones like the GPO 746 Push Button – Desk Telephones are available at a reasonable price at All Home Living, and you will get many compliments for their good looks.

Telephone Terms You Need to Know

Receiver: It is the part you hold to your ear as it allows you to hear a phone call.

Handset: A receiver and a microphone in one piece are called a handset.

Ringer Box: A box that is placed between the wall and phone, making the telephone connection.

Landline: It is a traditional telephone service that is not digital or smart.

Rotary Dial: The vintage pulse dialing system.

Line Cord: The looped cord that runs from the phone to the wall outlet.


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Overall Outlook

Vintage telephones add a retro look with functionality to your home. You can pick a vintage phone from the All Home Living collection. We have some well-antiquated phones that work well with all kinds of interiors. From a wall-mounted telephone to roller telephones, we have all of them from top brands. A retro-style telephone is a must-have in every home to enhance aesthetics.

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