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AHL Lounge | An Interview with Ruchika Agarwal

By 21centuryweb | Updated February 21, 2022
AHL Lounge | An Interview with  Ruchika Agarwal

Interior Designer Ruchika Agarwal is the co-founder of Hyderabad based firm “The Design Street”, accompanied by her partner and very good friend Shaily Malpani. Raising beautiful twins Samaira & Sameeka has unleashed the creative side of Ruchika who happened to be a complete tomboy since her childhood.

A bright Kids Room designed by Ruchika & Shaily Malpani

From Conceptualizing and Designing Events to designing kids’ jewelry and Interior Designing, Ruchika has unraveled her creativity in a mixed bag. Here is how the lovely designer whiles away her time and keeps herself motivated. “I love reading, whenever time permits. Listening to soft jazz after a long days work lifts my mood. I love travelling and just cant wait to travel once the pandemic ends. All of us at home are water babies, and my husband and I are certified open waters divers. I am a huge movie buff.”

Styling a Wedding Event

How did you go about deciding Interior Designing as a career for yourself?

They say the seeds for what you are today have been sowed in your childhood. My earliest memory of having anything to do with interior design is rearranging my bedroom furniture every few months to give my room a fresh feel. I remember pestering my mom to do the same with our living room. Seeing spaces from a different perspective and wanting to optimize every space that I saw is something that I have always Loved. I did my Designing course after I got married, and Aced it. Being the institute topper, I got offered a designing job immediately with a big company. But Life had other things planned for me, so I ended up doing my first project, an office of about 50 employees in banjara hills. I have not looked back since.

A beautiful kids bedroom in pastel hues

From where or what do you derive your inspiration for designs?

Travelling is the best teacher. There is so much to grasp when you are in new cities and countries. For me, Inspiration is in a places’ architecture, culture, people, lifestyle and even traditions. I have a few mentors who I look upto for my inspiration as well.

A London themed Kids Room

Tell us about a project that has been your personal favorite and why?

My personal favorite is a project that is currently in progress. It is a 3600sft Apartment and we got it as a bare shell. We have been able to design to our hearts content for this. We are working with a lot of quirky colors, latest trends, and local artists in this project.

This room looks pretty in its soft shades

What are the few things that you consider while designing a house?

The most important quality of a designed house is that the owners see it as a true “home”. It should reflect them, their ideas and their interests in the most beautiful and functional way possible. Furnishings, colors, motifs, art and accessories should mix perfectly with their surroundings, finding a rhythm to accompany the personal taste of the owners.

The pretty bed and storage designed for a girls bedroom

What are the current trends in interior design and what would you like to share with AHL readers who are designing their own homes?

I feel this is one of the best times to be an interior designer, because of the fluidity of the current trend. There are no hard and fast rules and colors are being used boisterously! Whether on furniture or walls, colors are the cheapest and most effective way to add an instant pop to your space. Fluted glass and wood are being used extensively. Arches have made a comeback. Arches add a sense of drama to a room. Wooden paneling has gone modern as well in Clean straight lines.

Another thing that instantly changes your space and gives it a fresh feel is indoor plants. They come in all sizes, and place them on your side table or hang them from your ceiling. It adds the chutzpah. Designers all over the world have started working with artisans and materials local to them, and this is true in India as well. Especially since the pandemic has set in, there is more opportunity to explore the immense talent at home. Rattan has been a part of Indian homes for ages, and it has come back to stay this time.

Furniture makers whether from Delhi, Jaipur or even Hyderabad are getting an opportunity to showcase their craftsmanship. Lights have gone sleeker. The new mantra for lights is – Less is More.

Ending on a positive note the designer says “At the cost of sounding cliched, I dislike dishonesty and detest manipulation. I have lived by the principle of Live and Let Live, and all the current controversies, situations whether political or otherwise have exposed a mean, dirty side of people. Staying positive and content is the need of the hour.” So true, Ruchika.

Interior Design Firm : The Design Street

Instagram : thedesignstreethyd

Events Firm Instagram : savethedate_hyd

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