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Lighting Ideas For Kitchen

By Farida Khanbhadur | Updated February 7, 2022
Lighting Ideas For Kitchen

The kitchen is the most important room in the house, especially if you are the person who loves cooking and likes roam between kitchen and dining room. Perfect lighting makes all the difference in your kitchen. Lightings sets the mood and the perfect ambience of the room that you would like. From pendant hanging lights, cabinet inbuilt lights to ceiling lights are the various lighting ideas to illuminate the kitchen. Plus, you can check the kitchen trends that are breaking the internet.

There are basically 3 types of lighting in a room:

  1. Ambient Lighting
  2. Task Lighting
  3. Accent Lighting

Ambient Lighting For Kitchen

Ambient lighting or top lighting is the main source of lighting in a room and plays an important part in indoor lighting. An ambient light diffuses equally throughout a room and not in one specific direction. Ambient light should not be the only source of light in a room. It can also be used as a decorative element also. Another option to get the natural lighting in the room is by placing the mirrors in the right way.

Ambient Lighting

Task Lighting For Kitchen

Task lighting implies lighting to a specified area of the work space in Kitchen. You can place task lighting right on top of the island table, lighting above the sink, Lighting just above the stove. Task lighting fixtures include table lamps, pendant lights, and there are plenty of beautiful options available to choose from. They are not only for kitchen but can be used in any part of the home interioras as design inspiration. So by adding task lights you can properly illuminate the area which is in use. So the various forms of task lightings are:

But for kitchen purpose only pendant lights can be used. They provides good lighting over the kithchen island.

Task Lighting

Accent Lighting For Kitchen

Accent Lighting is also known as mood lighting. They are usually used to highlight few architectural features or can be set according to the mood and the environment. You can also use it to draw attention away from the objects that are not pleasing.

The accent light is the type of light that many people forget to install in their homes after task and ambient lighting. If you are not keen in installing extra lights you can use already installed pendant or hanging lights and chandeliers as accent lights by installing dimmable switches in your kitchen.

Accent Lighting

The above mentioned were the three basic lighting ideas for the kitchen.

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