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Buying guide for Quilts Bedspread and Throws

By Farida Khanbhadur | Updated September 16, 2021
Buying guide for Quilts Bedspread and Throws

Sleeping is very important for our body and soul to maintain perfect health. 6-7 hrs a day are spent on the bed sleeping, so its important to ensure that you have the right bedding collection to ensure comfortable sleeping. So here is a buying guide for quilts, bedspreads and throws.

As a customer when you are browsing our bedding collection you will be seeing categories like bedspreads, quilts and throws.

We will help you to find the right bedding collection for your bed by briefing you about the categories.

So here is a buying guide for quilts, bedspreads and throws. What’s the difference?


Bedspreads are bed blankets which are usually single layer (quilted) bedding which covers the bed and hangs till the bottom of the bed. So usually the four sides of the bedspread is fancy with scallops or beautiful designs at the edge. They are thinner than a quilt or a comforter. The quilted bedspreads are usually quilted with thin layers of cotton. They serve the purpose by placing it on top of your bed with bedsheet underneath. The most widely used bedspread are the solid colour ones but many people prefer embroidery ones too according to the bedroom decor.

Some people can only go to sleep when they have a sheet on top of them. So bedspreads are the best choice. You can also use it for decorative purpose in your bedroom. There are reversible bedspreads also that are available.


A quilt has a filling of cotton or other fabric or feathers inside . There is stitching in various patterns and designs and this is the quilting method. Quilts main purpose is to provide warmth . They are usually thicker than a bedspread.

The traditional quilt usually have patchwork where pieces of fabric are joint together to form a quilt.


Throws are usually knit ones, faux fur, fleece, cotton ones. We use throws for decorative purpose for adding colour and texture to your room. You can ideally place them either on your bed ,couch or sofas. You can place a throw at the foot of your bed like a runner or lay it stylishly across the bed. For sofas you can frame it on its arm. One can also keep them stored in a basket for easy accessible use when the temperature drops.

Throws are usually smaller than a blanket. They provide you with that extra warmth and comfort when you are relaxing on the couch or chair.

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