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Emel- Everything Your Heart Desires, in One Stupendous Home Decor Collection

By Shabana Feroze | Updated February 1, 2022
Emel- Everything Your Heart Desires, in One Stupendous Home Decor Collection

Give Yourself the Home of Your Dreams and Desires, with All Home Living’s New Emel Home Decor Collection.

Emel (pronounced eh MELL), is a Turkish word with origins in Arabic. The word means desire. It’s used in the Turkish language to talk about your ambitions, goals, hopes and wishes. AHL launches its Emel Collection of 2022 everything your heart desired, in one stupendous home decor collection.

A new year always brings with it its own hopes and desires, it’s own ‘Emel’.

Which is why our interior design experts at All Home Living put together a 2022 collection of the finest pieces of several interior design styles, to elicit your heart’s deepest interior design desires for your home.

A new year is the perfect time for change. For improvement. We’re given a fresh, clean slate of 12 months, where we can create new beginnings and better ourselves. And while we make resolutions to improve ourselves from the inside, it’s important that we make changes to the world around us. Because the world around us has a direct impact on our mood and how we feel.

And what better place to start with than your home? Your home is your sanctuary. It’s your sacred space. When you enter your home after a stressful day, it should feel relaxing and comforting. The one place where all your worries slip away and you feel a sense of calm wash over you.

Your home should be everything you desire.

And to make this dream come true, we curated the best from our vast collection of mirrored furniture, hand blown vases and lights. To bring you the Emel Collection. Everything your heart desires or could ever wish for, in one impeccable line of luxurious interior home decor.

Here are a few of the exquisite items you’ll find your heart leaping for, in the Emel Collection.

Emel Hand Blown Vases Collection

Glass vases have always been a part of the interior decor from centuries.The Emel line of hand blown vases, picked from our Casamotion collection of original Murano glass vases, is a study in clean lines and shapes.


In the Emel Collection we feature triangular beaker vases, tall beaker-shaped vases and clear glass flower vases. Their clean lines and shapes make them perfect for any room and to match with any home decor style– vintage or modern.

Transparent Vase Clear Glass Vase Tall Beaker

Colours always spread the love. All eyes get happy when they see some beautiful colours. From kids to grown-ups, everybody loves colours. Having colourful glass vases as part of decor items would be a great idea. Choose from 3 beautiful soothing colours of smoky grey, crystal white and recycle green, for the beaker vases. Or go for classy elegance with the round vase in clear, flawless white hand blown glass.


Small Transparent Vase

Emel Hand Blown Lights


Clear Glass Table Lamp


Amber Table Lamp

The sphere is a perfect shape. It’s the shape of our mother Earth. The Emel collection of hand blown lights focuses on the spherical shape- a soothing and elemental shape that brings better energy to the home.  The Emel collection of spherical table lamps and hanging pendant lights will spread beauty and warmth in every direction, no matter where they’re placed.


Clear glass Pendant Light


Amber Pendant Light


Blue Pendant Light

Pendant lights light up the interior decor of any room they are hung in. The Casamotion Contemporary Table Lamp in Amber, Blue and Clear glass, are a great spherical addition to your bedroom or living room. Hanging globe pendant lights in Blue, Amber and Clear glass add a royal touch and create a cosy ambience in any room.

Emel Mirror Furniture Collection

Mirror Console Table

The Emel Mirror Furniture boasts the finest from our mirror furniture collection– three exquisite pieces of handmade mirror furniture. Showcasing sleek lines and clean, effortless elegance, these pieces will add depth and light to any room. You can customise these into mirrored chest of drawers also.


The tall double door Gatsby Etched Mirrored Wardrobe has a distinct art deco style with each mirror panel featuring an etched triangle. Bring Paris home with the 2-Drawer, Modern Parisian Mirrored Console Table. The 2-Drawer Mirrored Coffee Table adds brightness when placed in the centre of your living room, while two ‘hidden’ drawers keep clutter away.

Emel Wall Mirrors

Mirror’s standard job was to show the reflection, but not anymore. Nowadays, wall mirrors have been an unavoidable part of home interiors as a wall art. No home decor can be complete without having designer mirrors. The Emel Collection showcases five of the best wall mirrors to add brightness to your space.

Round wall mirror

The elegant and minimalist Celia Rectangle Venetian Mirror Classic for a modern touch, or the circular Designer Venetian Wall Mirror Accent with its large floral vines for a more vintage, decorative look.

Black & White Wall art

The Round Amaze Wall Mirror and Black & White Monochrome Wall Art are great abstract pieces of wall art. Or choose to be elegant in simplicity with the Designer Rectangular Wall Mirror.


And that’s not all! Add the finishing touches to your elevated space with cuckoo clocks, vintage photo frame sets and unique guitar-shaped wine racks. Soon enough, you’ll have the 2022 home your heart always desired.

Emel- Everything Your Heart Desires, in One Stupendous Home Decor Collection


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Let us know which of these pieces is your favourite, in the comments below.

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