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Decorative wall mirrors to brighten up a room

By AHL Staff | Updated April 13, 2022
Decorative wall mirrors to   brighten up a room

The way you place a mirror will brighten up any room, but the placement of mirrors is always considered important. Decorative mirrors reflect light and expand a room so the space looks and feels bigger and brighter. Here are five decorative wall mirrors that will brighten up any room.

Superb large Venetian mirror


The first important point in placing entryway mirrors is, always to try to place them near a door or window at the entrance. Ensuring the natural light comes in so that light is reflected in the whole room.

Round amaze wall mirror

A venetian mirror in a wash area makes that area looks decorative yet attractive and bigger. The below mirror is a regular oval mirror ideal to place over a wash basin. Bathroom wall mirrors can be placed either over a basin or in the bath area. The shape of the mirror can either be a round mirror, square mirror, or oval mirror. A mirror cabinet can also be placed in the bathroom.

Rectangular mirror in Venetian design can be placed either above a sofa in the living area or in the dining area. It can also be placed above a washbasin like the picture below. So that it reflects the food you eat and this is said to be an ideal position according to Vastu.

The below wall mirror is a simple wooden mirror which is making the room decoration items look attractive. This mirror gives a very contemporary feel and looks to the room.

Decor pendant lighting


Placing a mirror above a bed is also good as it will make your room look bigger. But just keep in mind that it does not reflect you when you sleep. As it is considered inauspicious according to Vaastu. Bedroom mirror add glamour to your total room decor.

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