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5 Top Picks of Focal Speakers, the French Hi-Fi Brand

By Shabana Feroze | Updated January 31, 2022
5 Top Picks of Focal Speakers, the French Hi-Fi Brand

All Home Living Showcases the 5 Top Picks of Focal Speakers

For more than 40 years, Focal has been designing and manufacturing home audio loudspeakers, car audio speaker drivers and amplifiers, monitoring loudspeakers for recording studios, and more recently, headphones. Based in Saint-Étienne, France, Focal earned its place amongst the leaders of the audio industry by providing unique technologies and through constant innovation and making Focal speakers best in the class.

The team at Focal shares the same philosophy: French craftsmanship and industrialisation, innovation and tradition all come together to give audiophiles and music lovers access to the ultimate sound.

AHL shortlists 5 Top Picks of Focal Speakers.

All Home Living is proud to bring this French brand to India. You can find the entire range here. In this article, our sound experts feature 5 of Focal’s best top speakers.

Focal Dome Plolyglass 5.1 Home Theater

Focal home speakers have quite been famous in home use for the qulity sound they deleiver. Dôme is a high-end mini speaker with exceptional performance, for all Home Cinema installations. This speaker features refined design, sophisticated materials, “Made in France” quality and 100 % Focal engineering.

On your wall, in the ceiling, on furniture or standing, Dôme integrates naturally in your home. It performs as your music source for every room in a range of 320ft2 to 430ft2.

Dôme speaker is available in two models with different Focal cone technologies. Dôme Polyglass, the original satellite loudspeaker of the range, is made of a Polyglass® cone Medium woofer which ensures neutrality, very good dynamics and a precise sound image.

Focal Dome Plolyglass Home Theater.

Focal Dome Flax with Sub Air 5.1 Home Theater

After Dôme Polyglass, the more recent addition to the Focal loudspeaker family is Dôme Flax. Thanks to its Flax cone, made of linen, this home theatre 5.1 system gets a major improvement in definition and intelligibility of dialogues. As well as a larger spacial quality thanks to a better linearity of frequency. A true return to nature for watching movies.

The Dôme Flax system is associated with the wireless subwoofer Sub Air for a 5.1 configuration. Free from any cables, Sub Air offers an intense and deep sound and perfectly fits into all kinds of spaces with its flat and compact design. It’s perfect for room sizes of 320ft2 to 430ft

This speaker is multi-directional and can be fitted to a wall, the ceiling or a stand with equal ease. Thanks to its combination of power and eloquence, it exemplifies the concept of “sound spotlights”.

Focal Dome Flax Sub Air Home Theater.

Focal Soundbar Dimension & Sub Air True 5.1 with Wireless Receiver APTX

Soundbars are devices with built-in speakers that allow you to make sound outdoors or in huge places. Because the sound disperses evenly, they function well in large rooms, and the Focal soundbar is the finest in the category.

Dimension is a soundbar with exceptional acoustic qualities that adapts to flat screens. Focal’s R&D brings you a soundbar capable of restoring quality sound with clear and natural-sounding dialogues. Thanks to five ultra-flat patented speaker drivers that makes the.

While a traditional soundbar depends on room space, Focal Dimension soundbar offers an immersive 5.1 sound with realistic and precise sound effects not just in high frequencies. With a soundstage of 4m and a maximum power of 450W, Dimension performance is the same as a high-fidelity audio system. Perfect even for rooms measuring over 50m2.

Focal Soundbar Dimension & Sub Air True With APTX Wireless Receiver.

Focal Aria 948 – Floor Standing Speaker (Pair)

The Aria 948 Floor Standing Speaker symbolises the return of the ‘true’ acoustic loudspeaker. The intention was a return to the very essence of acoustics for those who are passionate about music.

A new type of 3-way loudspeaker with 81/4’’ (21cm) speaker drivers provides intense and controlled bass. ‘Flax’ cones are characterized by their natural sound, with low colouration, the richness of reproduction in the midrange and tighter bass. The result is a more homogeneous sound and improved dynamics.

Focal Aria 948 Floor Standing Speaker Pair.

Aria 948 offers a classic and modern design. This is the ultimate loudspeaker in the Focal range for rooms measuring between 320ft2 (30m2) and from a recommended listening distance of 12ft (3.5m).

Focal Aria SR 900 – On-Wall Speaker (Pair)

Focal on wall speakers have been professionally designed to have the optimal balance between power and portability. Focal Aria SR 900 is a 2-way bipolar surround on-wall speaker with acoustic characteristics that give you a 5.1 Home Cinema experience. Composed of two 5” (13cm) woofers with Flax sandwich cones, it provides natural midrange, rich bass, high-definition and natural sound.

Focal Aria SR 900 On-Wall Speaker Pair.

For the treble register, there are two TNF aluminium/magnesium inverted dome tweeters with Poron suspension for a smoother sound. Their Urethane waveguide improves horizontal directivity and provides a more precise sound image.

Thanks to its slim cabinet design the SR 900 loudspeaker is compact. It’s easy to integrate into your interior using the Polyfix wall-mounting system provided.

Those were AHL 5 Top Picks of Focal Speakers. Shop the entire range on All Home Living Focal brand page. We deliver all over India. See what you want, live before you buy, in a video call. Book your appointment through a quick call/ WhatsApp on +91 9607929866/68. Our timings are from 10.30 am to 8 pm IST.

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