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Cane Boutique Designs an Ethereal Shelter with Earthy Hues and Classic Patterns

By AHL Staff | Updated August 26, 2021
Cane Boutique Designs an Ethereal Shelter with Earthy Hues and Classic Patterns

Cane Boutique was given the laxity to conceptualize this Bangalore haven spread across 4000 sqft with the client’s dream home as their brief. Enclosed in beautiful flora the home design bestows plenty of ventilation and natural light. Delve into this space with All Home Living to explore the aesthetics of this classic home.

The ground floor comprises the common areas – Living, Dining, Kitchen and Guest Room while the first floor houses the more private ones – the master bedroom, sons room, study, and bar.

a classic coffee table, pendant lights, and analogous wall sconces embellish the Living Room. Dividing it from the Dining Room is a ravishing wall display unit enhanced with splendid showpieces.

The Dining Room is made splendid with the ceiling and upholstery color coordinated in blue. It also houses a wooden sideboard and geometric wall mirror to augment style and add storage space. A captivating, distressed gold door with traditional lotus cutwork invites you to the mandir.

A different concept and style are incorporated in each bedroom in line with the occupants of the room. Muted tones and high gloss Duco finish furniture festoon the Master Bedroom while the son’s room is fashioned in blue and gray giving it a contemporary appeal.

The balcony to bar conversion with Mangalore tiled roof and wooden blinds is an impeccable space for family and social gatherings.

With copious space in each room and ample storage as desired by the client, the home is a splendid blend of aesthetics and functionality. Multifarious pendant lights and wall sconces with rich tiles, furniture, and upholstery make this an awe-inspiring cove.

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