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Exploring VAL Atelier’s Opulent Design of This Boutique Jewellery Store

By 21centuryweb | Updated January 22, 2022
Exploring VAL Atelier’s Opulent Design of This Boutique Jewellery Store

Located in Hyderabad – the city of Nizams, here is an unconventional design of a boutique jewelry store. The ideation and conceptualization of this 3-floor luxury store by Vaishnavi of VAL Atelier is a quintessential example of exquisiteness. A design of refined taste, every fraction of this store spells grandeur. The outset of metallic gold gives it a royal touch, which is a key feature of the store’s design, can be seen right from the entrance. The name board along with the logo which also forms the door handle design.

Onset of Metallic Gold through Signboard and Door Handle

All Home Living walks you through this classic design by VAL Atelier.

First Floor – The Celestial Look

Ethereal Design in marble, velvet, and leather

Each floor royally invites you with its Grey Italian marble flooring. The cynosure of every eye on entering the 1st floor is the magnificent black St. Laurent Marble that anchors the pretty logo in Gold. The element of gold is not just found in the beautiful brass and metallic light fixtures but also in the hardware of every piece of furniture designed by VAL Atelier. From seating to the coffee table, to countertops, to the little ottoman at the corner.

Sacramento Green and Beige upholstery. Countertops with leather and cross-stitch detailing

The first floor imbibes an earthy hue with Sacramento Green and beige complementing the marble. Marble countertops are adorned with leather and cross-stitch detailing. The floor looks ethereal with grand velvet, suede, and leather upholstery. Each piece of furniture has its own distinct style but combines to form an admirable celestial look.

Second Floor – Bringing in Nature

Stepping onto the next floor of this VAL Atelier design is surely going to give a surreal vibe with beautiful blush pink upholstered furniture. The spotlight on this floor is definitely the nature inspired green wall that augments the look of the precious jewellery displayed on it through glass window boxes. Another creative jewellery display is on the other corner of the space with pretty blush pink pedestals of varied heights holding the jewellery designs.

Dusky pink pedestals in varied heights. The blush pink lounge area to relax.

The floor also accommodates a lounge area overlooking the road. The mix of coffee table and chair designs in dusky pink creates an alluring corner to relax.

Third Floor – A Private Affair

The last floor entertains VAL Atelier clientele who wish to shop in privacy. A chic and ornate space with artsy metallic gold lights of every form. The pretty pendant light hanging on the countertop, the standing light at the corner, and the geometric wall fixture embellish this floor. A cushy lounge is made to relax and make your selection.

The comfy lounge area and accent lights.

The separation of spaces is beautifully done through wooden bars and mirror panels. A modish office is also put up on the last floor.

Multifarious shapes of standing mirrors and lights accentuate the space.

Val Atelier’s conceptualization of this luxurious boutique has a royal touch and it is a sure design inspiration for retail stores. Explore their work and design @val__atelier

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